Healthy new year! Honest.

Everyone over shops for Christmas. Food-wise in particularly. It would be impossible to consume the amount of chocolate, chutneys, cheeses and twiglets (mmmmm . . . twiglets) that my husband and I bought between us over the festive season, and I wanted a healthy new start this new year, damn it. Again. Also, both of us, and our little 1-year-old, were wiped out by the very unpleasant tummy bug that seemed to be doing the rounds and ate next to nothing anyway. Upshot being, we are less than 24 hours into the new year and I can already see the priority resolution of healthy eating slipping away from me. I have two chocolate oranges, half a box of Ferrero Rocher, a box of champagne truffles, two tubs of twiglets (mmmmm . . . you get the idea) twelve tons of cheese and a multitude of things to dip, (and dips in which to dip them. ) I know what you’re thinking. I could just not eat them. But my head doesn’t really work like that – they need eating. It’s almost as if I need to go hell for leather, get them out the way, and THEN I can start my diet. Cause it’s health health health for me this year! Grace’s walking is getting better and better and she is constantly on the move, so that’s an awful lot of calories burned just following her and patching up the trail of destruction left behind. I must try to remember this positive slant to it when I try to sit down for 5 minutes and have a brew, and Grace thinks that this would be a good time to abandon the blocks she was sat quietly playing with, and toddle off into the kitchen to put all of the dogs biscuits into their water bowl. A current favourite pastime, and apparently much more fun than anything Santa brought.

So that’s it for my first ever blog entry. Short but sweet. I shall of course keep you posted with how the healthy eating’s going – when it starts, and I hope soon to elaborate on G’s arrival into the world 14 months ago and the subsequent irony of my username, and why 2010 was the most horrendously difficult and emotional year I believe I’ll ever have to live through. It was a very emotive experience last night saying goodby to 2010, but time must go on, people must pass on, little girls must grow, and chocolate oranges must be eaten. Now where did I put it . . .



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2 responses to “Healthy new year! Honest.

  1. YAY! Great post! Well done, am looking forward to reading more!
    Big kisses from me, E and L!!

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