Day of rest, my arse!

So it’s the end of the weekend after my first week back at work. This is what I had meant to get done on Saturday:

  • General tidy round the house.
  • Hoover and mop where needed.
  • Wash, dry and iron work stuff for next week. No more scrabbling around in the morning, scrutinising clothes in a “Will I get away with that?” kind of way and trying to find ANYTHING without a Petis Filous stain.
  • Big shop – plenty of fresh fruit, fresh veg and fish I’ve never even heard of let alone know how to cook in an effort to be healthy (for regular readers – Christmas chocolate FINALLY demolished. No more excuses.) 
  • Put Christmas stuff back in the loft. Actually to be more accurate – get Stu to put Christmas stuff back in loft.


And Sunday – our family day, our precious day of rest, the plan was to be as follows:

  • Nice brew and a lie in bed – all three of us. Stories in bed for Grace.
  • Family swim
  • Home cooked Sunday lunch as we’ll be so well stocked from the previous days shopping.
  • General take-it-easy-type-stuff in our lovely tidy house.

In reality, what I actually got done on Saturday is as follows:

  • No tidying up whatsoever.
  • Hoovered, but gave up on the mopping as the dogs keep mucking up the floor anyway.
  • Filled a basket with dirty washing. It’s still lurking now just outside my peripheral.
  • A half-arsed pick up of a few bits of convenience crap from local Co-op.
  • Asked Stu to put Christmas stuff back in the loft. I am assured this will be done as soon as he’s finished whatever it is he’s faffing with on the lap top. Needless to say – it’s still there.

And Sunday – our family day, our precious day of rest? Well we’re all knackered as Grace is still in her “waking up and screaming for no good reason at three in the morning” phase. The lie in doesn’t happen as she’s obviously sneaked out and had some magical baby amphetamine without us knowing in the night, is up at six, laughing dancing and generally being off her rocker, and is in no mood for cuddling in bed. “Come along Mother, I simply refuse to languish in the sheets this fair morn, I have toddling about to do, Daddy’s spectacles to play with, things to fall over and things to bash together downstairs!”

Family swim. Well that happens but only me and Grace, Stu having done the lions share of the night shift (See previous blog for 2nd Jan!) decides to go back to bed. Off we go to the pool, and I must admit – she’s a proper little water baby and we do have fun. Things are looking up. Maybe Stu will have tidied up a wee bit while we’ve been out? Maybe he’ll have got something nice in for tea? (Note to self – How is it that I can manage to cook Grace good wholesome food, fresh fruit etc, yet our own diet is probably the nutritional equivalent of cardboard?)

Sadly, house still a mess and nothing for tea, but on the plus side, Stu has managed to escape the Russian Prison Camp on Call of Duty Black Ops, so that’s nice. (WHAT made me get him that for Christmas???)

I’ve had it with plans. They never come to fruition so I’ve decided to not think about it, and certainly not to make any for next weekend. Could be tidying/ironing/shopping even as I write this I suppose but it can blog off. It’ll only get messy again!


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