Baby Jabs

I am a disgrace to motherhood. Even though I don’t work Mondays, my hard-working husband has had to book this morning off to come with us for for the horror. . . the trauma . . .the nightmare  that is  . . . BABY JABS! Hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it. And yes I KNOW we all have to do it, it’s important, it’s better than them getting seriously ill, bleh bleh BLEH. It’s just that for some reason I get disproportionately upset knowing that I’m taking her to deliberately inflict pain, so Stu accompanies us, as I know I’ll be reduced to a gibbering wreck and I want someone with her who can show her it’s not a big deal whilst I blub in a corner of the surgery somewhere. What makes matters worse is that G is in such a lovely bubbly mood. She toddles happily around the waiting room, while waiting patients smile and wave at her and she tries out her  exciting new word “Hiya” (or to be more accurate “Iya”)  on every single one of them. When we go over to steer her back to the right area, off she wobbles screaming with excitement at the chase and clapping hands. Oh the guilt! “Grace B” calls the voice of doom from the nurses room. Stu scoops her up and she makes  little “Ah a a a a ” noises and tries to take his glasses off. The nurse is swift and efficient, Grace cries but not massively, Stu is calm and perky and chats away to our baby girl telling her how brave she is. I am hovering in the corner, unable to watch, and convinced the nurse must think I’m being a total dick head. Which I am. Grace is calm again way before I am, and less than half an hour later we’re snuggled on the sofa watching Pepper Pig. Grace may be in need of a dose of Calpol later – I will certainly be in need of a dose of red wine tonight. PLEASE someone invent a nice tasting medicine that does the same job as the THREE javelin-pole-sized injections my baby had to endure today.( Or at least invent an injection for neurotic mothers first to sedate them!)


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4 responses to “Baby Jabs

  1. Well done you, I didn’t even go to the surgery for any of them – not one. Don’t like needles – not interested. They made a note in the red book to the effect only father attended (well they can shove it! this mother isn’t attending!)

  2. ha ha I did exactly the same- Paul took the afternoon off work to come with me!! He’s taking the morning off next week when we have the blood tests too!

  3. Should count my blessings really. Blood tests? I’d probably implode!

  4. eviegracesmummy

    Thank you for writing this Evie is due her First year jabs tomorrow. I feel sick knowing they are going to hurt my little baby. Her chubby little legs being held. I would have a million if she didn’t have to have one x

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