Listography – Top 5 places I’ve visited.

This is my attempt I think at a “Link up?” God, how old does this malarkey make me feel? The lovely Katetakes5 has requested our list of top 5 places visited – and have mine she shall!

1 – St Pon Du Mon Chien. Roughly translated as the Village of the Mad Dogs in the South of France. I haven’t had the opportunity (money!) to travel abroad often.  I discovered this beautiful little village when I was working as a chamber-maid in a nearby town and fell in love with it. I met some amazing musicians, and the memories of that time have all blended into one wine filled, candle-lit medley of guitar playing, cheek kissing and balmy (not barmy! . . . well maybe . . .) evenings with  memorable company and wonderful food and music. C’est tres bon, mon ami.

2 – My old neighbours house. When I was a student, our neighbour was something of a mystery. We’d marvel at the swirly-painted front door, watch with fascination as the curly-haired string bean of craziness left his abode and bobbed off down the road at all kinds of crazy times of day and night. We were amazed by his naked sunbathing in the back yard, and entranced by the strange bass lines filtering through the walls. And then one day it happened. The neighbour that had simply become known to us as The Hippy Next Door knocked on and invited us over for one of his parties. Get in! I’ll always remember it as one of the bestest houses I’d been in , ever and therefore deserving of my list. Every inch of wall and door was covered in a flurry of crazy and beautiful artwork. No chairs or sofas, but a quantity of hammocks strung up around each room. Ornaments and knickknacks from every corner of the globe and a few not of this world if you ask me. Periodically, people would fly down the stairs and out the back door on a wooden sleigh – bells and all, and a beautiful sweet-smelling haze hung in the air and drifted through every inch of us. Aaaaah. those were the days. (I don’t know what we did that night but we were never invited back!)

3 – Milan – But for an event rather than the place. I am a HUGE Tom Waits fan. It borders on obsession, and I honestly though I’d never ever be lucky enough to see him live. Untill that is my boyfriend, now husband, got us tickets to see him in Milan, and completely bowled me over. We were there one night only, (and with our only free time managed to get on the wrong tour bus and visited Italy’s biggest microscope museum instead of Da Vinci’s Last Supper), but the thought that went into getting that precious golden ticket is probably the nicest thing anyones ever done for me. And when the man himself walked on stage and I saw him in the flesh. Well there just are no words!

4 – La Rosa Hotel, Whitby. I grew up by the sea and hope one day to live by it again. Seaside towns make me feel not only utterly British (in a good way) but completely at home. The decor of the hotel was inspired by Lewis Carrol who often stayed there, and it truly  was a veritable Alice-in-wonderland of a place. Quirky, gorgeous and I can’t wait to go back for more madness and a good chippy!

5 – Prague – The Old town. Not the stag/hen-do side of things, but the beautiful, beautiful, old town. Like being in a Tim Burton film set and a  history to make your spine tingle. I fell in love with Prague and hope to take Grace there one day.

So there you go. Let me know what you think of my first attempt at this linky thing! Over and out x



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9 responses to “Listography – Top 5 places I’ve visited.

  1. That’s a great list!!! I LOVE the sound of your neighbour, I don’t remember him! Don’t think I will be blogging about my good old neighbour (remember Kenny?)!!!! Brill post!

  2. Wow what a great first link-up! I love Tom Waits too – esp Closing Time. Your list is so evocative – it makes me want to hop om a plane right now! Thanks so much for joining up (and wll done – I knew you could do it!)

  3. I love this list! So quirky and wonderful. I envy your evening with Tom Waits in Milan, and I am now pining for a coastal walk around Whitby. But my favourite on the list is St Pon Du Mon Chien – sounds like a magical Luc Besson creation.

    Lovely blog, I like your style (I’m a newbie reader).

  4. I love the hippy next door, great choices. Especially, Whitby and France and Prague is so beautiful. Oh my gosh -what am I doing in the UK?

  5. Sue – it was on Hilden st. Can’t believe you don’t remember the door? Had forgotton about Kenny though – bloody ell! And thanks for the lovely comments! It does make you want to book a holiday doesn’t it? x

  6. I went to Prague once and the memory has stayed with me for nearly 20 years. Oh, how old that makes me feel. But I sincerely wished my neighbours were as cool as your hippie.

  7. I love the sound of your old neighbour’s house! I’ve never been to Prague, but my parents went, not long after the fall of Communism and I’m rather jealous of them for it. Well before any of the hen night stuff descended.

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