So the Friday Club Social Media Carnival is all about Twitter this week. A subject I have a love/hate relationship with. A relationship which started about a year and a half ago, in a galaxy far far away . . .  (Well, Bolton actually.)

Twitter! I shall join Twitter! It is after all, a social networking revolution. A highly addictive furor of witty banter. A glimpse into the lives and thoughts of those we watch and admire. A virtual medley of intellect and whimsical repartee and I WANT TO BE PART OF IT! So, I register. Easy. So far so good. I immediately comply with the mandatory following of Stephen Fry and Philip Schofield and rack my brain as to who else might provide me with the cyber-stimulation I am obviously craving.

 Nope, no-one else comes to mind just yet, but it’s early days, so I shall instead wow the Twitter community with my first ever Tweet. . . something to grab attention. . . to cement my forthcoming reputation as Queen of Wit. . . er . . . hmmmm. Not as easy as I first envisaged. After much deliberation, I settle on the mind-blowing, stupendously insightful tweet, “Packing” (which was true due to a forthcoming weekend in Whitby. See previous blog entry.)  And now – I am stuck. After several mind-numbing minutes of clicking about and getting no-where, I get annoyed and go onto Facebook to at least make me feel vaguely competent technology-wise.

Next day, I log in and read the many, many, many tweets by my chosen celebrities but the novelty soon wears off. Some bloke I’ve never heard of and who looks a bit weird is following me. IS THIS IT? What the hell is the fuss about, damn it?? One more try and I stroppily enter the tweet “Doesn’t get twitter!” in the hope that a flood of advice shall pour forth and all will become clear. It doesn’t. Twitter is hearby  relegated to the scores of other websites I have failed to get my head around and leaves me feeling frustrated and annoyed at my own stupidity.  

Enter Sue – my lovely friend (who has a wonderful blog as ghostwritermummy ) who persuaded me recently to start blogging also, and has very (very) patiently guided me through the mystifying world that is Twitter and Blogging and Linky,s like a small, socially recluse child on their first day at school. I can’t say I’m massively au fait with all the lingo (retweets are a mystery, #ff means nothing, and  don’t even get me started on how to actually find someone specific!) but it would seem there’s a lot of other Mummy bloggers prepared to take me under their wing and slowly – very slowly – I’m getting there! So thank you fellow tweeters for your patience, tips and mentions (I know what mentions are now!) In comparison to the Me that first logged on over a year ago, I am a veritable Bill Gates!



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4 responses to “Twit!

  1. Thats a brill post and so true!! You make me sound like a computer whizz, thanks!!! hahaha!!

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  3. It’s quite a learning curve, isn’t it, but it sounds like you’re doing fab!

    Thanks for joining in the carnival x

  4. Tee hee! I signed up for My Fry too 🙂 Perhaps there’s hope for a newbie like me yet!

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