Welsh Train Stations and French Generals.

Having just read the very funny blog by Babygenie about conversations with her two and a half-year old I felt a bit inspired to write about my own little one’s ramblings. “What what?”  I hear you cry “Your baby is but 15 months old? Surely conversation has not progressed much beyond Ma Ma, Da Da?”  Au contraire dear readers. These are the things my GENIUS baby girl can say:

  • Ma Ma, Da Da (Ok you were right there)
  • Ca Ca Ca! (Cat, but we haven’t quite mastered the T sound yet)
  • Ah Gawwan, gawwan GAWWAN (exactly like Mrs Doyle from Father Ted and my personal favourite)
  • Bugger. (honest to God, clear as a bell, several times a day. Oh dear)
  • Charles de Gaulle (She did, she did, she did! My husband insists it was fluke but I know better! Who’s he to say she hasn’t developed an interest in French Generals of the second world war?!)
  • Makka Pakka.  (She LOVES him . . . very cute.)
  •   Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. ( a train station on the North Wales coast line. Most babies can pronounce this perfectly and from a very early age, so I put it on at the end cause I bet you’re not that impressed.)

So . . . child prodigy or WHAT? She gabbles away constantly, sometimes with such an earnest expression, bless her,  and it doesn’t half make  me laugh! I am fully aware, by the way, that there is an outside chance that this may not, in fact, be early signs of having produced a child prodigy. She may in fact just not know when to shut up and talk a lot -a la Stacy Soloman. Ah well. She still talks more sense than alot of people I encounter!

Charles de Gaulle. Mais Oui.



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6 responses to “Welsh Train Stations and French Generals.

  1. Helloo! Great post, I love baby talk, Charles de Guille- love it! I’m sure my baby girl said ‘I love you’ to me at a similar age. Look forward to reading your posts! B x

  2. Aaah “I love you” is a lot nicer than quoting members of the French military! Thank you for the lovely comment x

  3. Hilarious! Flattered I inspired you too! Particularly like the father ted one!!

  4. i’m tackling the “oh for F***s sakes’ with my 2 year old at the moment. whenever she drops something (bad mothering that…!)

    tamsyn x

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