7 Things About Me

Twitterdom and all of her domain are still a tad confusing for me, but I think I’ve been tagged by Helloitsgemma to join in this “7 things about me” that people probably don’t know. Well, here’s my list:

  1. I am fluent in sign language and work translating for deaf 11-16 year olds. LOVE my job.
  2. I am pretty well-known for my MASSIVE and unintentional faux pas’. These include: Telling a midget to grow up, telling a woman in a wheelchair she doesn’t have a leg to stand on (she was nasty and drunk and threatening to sue the pub I was working in, so don’t hate me!) Telling a big issue seller “Go on then I’ll buy your last one so you can go home and put your feet up”, being in a notorious red light area ( in the day), thinking I was funny when I saw my friend pass by and kicked him up the bum shouting “looking for business love?” Turned out it wasn’t my friend, just looked like him from the back. To make matters worse, for some reason I turned into Alan Partridge and shouted after him “I’M NOT A PROSTITUTE!” The list is endless. . .
  3. I won a bravery award for saving a woman’s life.
  4. My biggest ever crush throughout my teens was Rik Mayall. I used to practice writing “Minty Mayall” on my folders at school.
  5. A dwarf once tried to attack me with his false teeth. (Not the guy mentioned in number 2)
  6. I own the box set of “Are you being Served” and know all the lyrics to the theme tune. LOVE it . . . “Ground floor perculiaries, stationary and leather goods . . .”
  7. I once had to dress in a giant Gruffalo suit when I worked in a bookshop, and went to Marks and Spencer’s to do a spot of shopping in it.

So there you have it. surprised myself there – didn’t expect it to be so heavily dwarf-based (now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be writing tonight)




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19 responses to “7 Things About Me

  1. you have been tagged. that was your mission. you carried it out successfully, go you. Great list. Bravery and I’m not a prostitute in the same list! fab.
    Tips for being a best man/woman; get a speech – everyone expects it. Know where the ring is, double check and double check again. I was very casual, and had a heart stopping moment when I couldn’t remember what pocket it was in! Enjoy the day. x

  2. Feel all chuffed with myself now. Get me! Thanks Gem x

  3. Ha Ha, I loved reading through your list! Especially love the dwarf with false teeth and the Gruffalo suit…..I’d love one of those! x

  4. Thanks Jules. I was a bit gutted to give that suit back!!

  5. Thats the best list I’ve read!!! I never knew you won a bravery award. But the heavily referenced dwarves has to be the best bit!!

  6. I loved Rik Mayall too…and loved Are you Being Served! “I’m free!!” All that and dwarves too…great list 🙂

  7. I just spat my coffee out all over my laptop! EEK! Great list. xx

  8. Cool list – especially the faux pas. One of my friends only has one arm and I on more than one occasion have asked him unintentionally if he needs ‘a hand’ – oops.

  9. You. Are. Fantastic.

    That is all. x

  10. Great post, especially loved number 2 – on my wedding I had to sit down for signing the register whilst Hubby was stood next to me – in the silence of the room I announced “I feel like a midget” then looked up to see Hubbys cousin, yes a dwarf, staring back at me! Whoops!!

  11. That is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time, I just snotted tea on my Ipad. That prostitue thing is pure quality and of course our shared dwarf experiences… I too master the faux pas including being onstage telling a Microsoft conference with over 2000 people, with a sign language interpreter, how great it is that Microsoft are so inclusive of blind people…. Blonde.. Moi… Never

  12. Frickin brilliant! I’m a sign language interpreter! I’d have peed myself laughing! x

  13. Incidentally am I too late to do one, I swear I have one of the most mentalist moments ever

  14. Who cares? Do it anyway! I’d love to read! Just getting my head round all the linky things so don’t understand the time restraints! x

  15. Me either and to be fair my pal heather.. Sahmlovingit did try and tag me but I was fighting the urge to blog and said no… Whereas I have now surrendered on the altar that is blog nirvana… I’m on it.

  16. Wow what a list! I know feel I know enough about you to have a chat on Sunday. Will be lovely to meet you properly (if you don’t count 30 seconds at the train station!) See you Sunday

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