Things I wish I could do. . .

As my blogger friend Ghostwritermummy put it on her list this week – this could kind of go a few ways. Serious, silly, emotional etc. She, quite rightly, plumped for being honest. My last blog entry was a very emotional one to write, so for this one -although honest- I’ve plumped for silly. So here’s my second contribution to the wonderful Katetakes5 Listography, with 5 things I wish I could do:

1 – Actually punch the celebrities I listed for last weeks enrty “5 celebrities I’d like to punch

2 – Contact juggling! Yeah! A-la David-Bowie-as-the-Goblin-King in The Labyrinth. It’s just SO cool. I’ve tried a couple of times (granted both of them whilst pissed at  festivals) and just looked like a tool that couldn’t hold onto a plastic ball.

The Goblin King – The only man to make leggings and a mullet good!

(If you don’t know what it is check this guy out . . . “click!” )


 4 – Work the new super spandangly, mega stupendous, Hi-def, back-lit, LED TV without my husbands help.

5 – Be able to tell the difference between the new  super spandangly, mega stupendous, Hi-def, back-lit, LED TV and the old one. Apart from on the bank statement.

 GOD I’m deep!



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6 responses to “Things I wish I could do. . .

  1. Love them! I hate damn caps locks!

  2. ha ha great list, well done!

  3. Number 5. I feel your pain. OH *constantly* fiddles with our colour settings etc and goes ‘see how much better that is?’ – er, no, actually I can’t tell any difference…

  4. No 4 and 5 resonate with me deeply! My technophile husband has got a thing for TVs and always wants the new highest spec model. He regularly phones me from Curry’s and I have to talk him down from the impulse purchase of a 60″ 3D telly! xxx

  5. Haha, great list there…so deep and thoughtful 😉
    The capslock thing is a right pain x

  6. I’d forgotten all about the Goblin King… you’re right, cool JUGGLING. Opps… damn caps lock’s got me too!!! 🙂 Fab list x

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