5 most annoying Kids TV Programmes

Listography time!  And not one I had to give a whole lot of thought too. So, My 5 most annoying kids TV programmes would have to go as follows:

1- In The Night Garden . . . WAIT!

 Before you click your little x buttons in disgust – it’s not for the reasons you’re thinking! As a programme in itself, I really like it. It’s gentle, colourful, and cosy without being to grating, and Grace LOVES it. What makes it annoying is my husbands contribution whenever it’s on. For starters, there’s his alternative lyrics to the “Upsy Daisy” song which I now can’t hear without mentally singing “Upsy Daisy, sniff my bum!” the fact that the “Ninky Nonk” becomes the “Noncey Nonce” and the most annoying – the weird dance to the Tittyfer’s singing. This dance involves sticking his bum out and strutting around Vic Reeves style, whilst squeezing imaginary boobs. (35 and the  word “titty” is still funny.)  Sorry love – it’s great that you want to be involved but JUST STOP IT!!!

2 – Teletubbies

It’s been done but I still had to reiterate the annoyance! “Agaaaaain! Again, again!” PLEASE God not again. Even my one year old found it crap the first time!

 They don’t even deserve a picture. We all know what the little bastards look like!

3 – I have to break the trend a bit here and hark back to the 80’s and the show that, as a kid I not just found annoying. . . I LOATHED it! And that’d be Rod Hull and the Kids of the Pink F***ing Windmill!

 Even as a kid, it was painfully obvious that Rod was an oddball geriatric with his hand up a pretend Emu’s arse. A very unlikable  Emu with a penchant for violence. The kids of the Pink Windmill however, were the Peice de resistance. Aggravating little stage school, prancing, TOSSERS! ( I was rooting for Grotbags to get them brats!)

4 – Barney The Purple dinosaur:

” I hate him,
He hates me,
Let’s hang Barney from a tree.

With a kick,
and a punch,
and a bullet to his head,

Now that purple freak is dead ”                  

5 – Grange Hill after Mrs  McClusky left. Nuff said.



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11 responses to “5 most annoying Kids TV Programmes

  1. I’d almost forgotten about that bl**dy pink windmill. Arrrgghhh!

  2. Oh God yes to all of them! Barney is also on mine!

  3. Haha.

    Would it be childish if I said your hubs songs for In the Night Garden make me laugh? Would it also be childish if I said I called it the Noncey Nonk?

    Would it also be childish if I snorted at the word “titty”?

  4. *sniggered all the way through point 1*
    *is a child*

  5. so feelin you…well not literally, that’d be strange…but metaphorically i am with you on ALL of the wanky shows above.


  6. Wow that’s alot of pent up anger I’m feeling…glad you got it off your chest (or should I say titties?)

  7. ha ha great post! Eva used to LOVE Barney, we had the DVD on repeat for about a year…

  8. Must say I agree with you on all of them – although Alejandro seems to like the Tellytubbies (which are on Spanish tv so it’s ‘otra vez, otra vez’!!! and it is worse watching the kids video dubbed!)

    My friends little girl watches in the night garden and I think she might have got a little confused when she came back from school the other day, stuck up her middle finger and shouted ‘Spin Macca Pacca’!!!!

  9. An all round well thought out post…

  10. darrenh

    I realise this is an old blog but i was just trying to describe the pink windmill to my friend to jog his memory. then i did a google search for (and this is verbatim) “rod hull pink windmill stage school tossers” and found this post. hilarious

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