The Fear Machine.

Never ever EVER Google minor ailments! I keep getting a nagging headache in the same place, so, having some time to spare, I decide to give it a Google. Y’know – just to see if there’s an acupressure point that might help or some breathing techniques etc. Over an hour later I am shutting down the laptop convinced I have diabetes, anaemia, the menopause, hypothyroidism, a brain tumour, or high blood pressure. Or all of the above! Memo to me – next Google will have to be “Making a will.”  Now, you may think I’m being tongue in cheek (incidentally a sign of ‘swollen tongue symptom disease’) but in actual fact-ness, I DID go on there to investigate my headaches, and I DID come off there a damn sight more apprehensive about my general well-being.
Upon presenting my findings to my husband, I have to say – I didn’t find him as supportive as I’d hoped he’d be, considering how ill I now realised I was. In fact I’d go so far as to say downright UNsympathetic.

Turns out that the headaches were – well, headaches. I’m glad it was my own symptoms I checked and not the Wee One’s cause I’d have been the classic, gibbering, hypochondriac mother that my own Mum was, and which really used to annoy me!

“Mum it’s a heat rash, I’m sure I haven’t got meningitis” 
“Mum I banged my head; I haven’t got concussion or a fractured skull” etc, etc.

Now all this was before the days of Googling – (Thank  God –  she’d have been a nightmare!) and as parents, we’ll always be prone to a bit of panic where our kids are concerned. (The time I was border line hysterical at the red rash my daughter suddenly developed on her face and neck springs to mind. Turns out it was my lipstick from kissing her.)

Please don’t get me wrong . . . ANYTHING wrong with our babies should and must be dealt with ASAP and always better safe than sorry! But try NHS direct. Try your health visitor, a doctor, a drop in clinic or a hospital. DON’T try the fear machine that is the internet! It will leave you a paranoid mess.

I’d best go and rest now after the excursion of typing all this – what with my conditions and everything!


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  1. Haha, I’m a sucker for googling ailments too.

    Last time I did it, I had a brain tumour and a appendicitis.

    Turns out I had a headache and a stomach upset.

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