Art Review.

 “A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.” Oscar Wilde.

And so it is true. Let us examine the work here before us . . .

“Just what. . . ” we may ask ourselves trepidatiously “. . . is the artist trying to say here?” The skilful intertwining of both the abstract and the subject matter almost scream at one to sit up and pay attention. Contextually – the artist takes us on an idiosyncratic and yet remarkable journey – almost akin to passing through the birth canal itself and thus evoking a strong essence of re-birth. The swift, impassioned strokes of the chalk – a fierce  juxtaposition with the torment of the artist herself, a Miss Grace B of Bolton, Lancashire.

When asked to elaborate on her work, Ms B was quoted as saying:

“A-bwaaaaaah. Ga ga ga ga gawwan, gawwan. Bwee-yeah! Bbbblllllllpppppppppp”

 Enigmatic and Esoteric in her response, we may never know what this work of genius – this phenomenological expression of the artists inner dialect – may represent. Ours is not to question great art. Ours is merely to observe and wonder.



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2 responses to “Art Review.

  1. Clearly a budding Picasso. Is she also eating her materials? Torment indeed lol! 🙂

  2. Haha. She could exhibit in the Tate Modern with that gem!

    My little one’s art is simply eating the crayons and pooping them out :S

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