Pure Plagiarism, Part 2.

BACK by popular demand – the copying out verbatim of my junior school story book, found recently when going through a box of things from my Mum’s loft. For those of you who enjoyed the first installment entitled “My Wedding”  firstly – WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? And secondly, here is another offering from the little me of yester year for your enjoyment . . .

Those that missed the fist one . . . enjoy! To reiterate, this is copied exactly from my  old school book, (with only quotation marks added to make it a bit easier to follow) and it’s very VERY worrying!!!

“In The Playground”

By Elizabeth King, class 3

I like to run around and around in circuls in the scool playground. That is were we play our games. I like doind this BY MY SELF so that no body torks to me and makes me stop. Wen I do stop running in circuls I like to sit on the curb. Then I think I am a froglet in a pond and I think I will jump onto another rock with some more froglets in the pond. Then I say “Oh dear” because I could see a froglet that was all shrivuld up and dry and his eyes stuk rite out. I thought it should go in a hole so I put it in a hole. Just then a man with a black beard  put fat fly on the rock for me. My tail is qwite short. Then I jumped in a hole with the dryed up frog and we watched the ITV news.

Also in the playground I like to play kiss catch. The bit I like best is when I get kissed because then is my chance to say “I am not playing!” so the boys let me free  then I say that “I am playing!” and I run off and giggal to my slef. Aswell I like playing “Boys after Girls” I yuost (used) to play with Pauline but my brother sais she smels.

What the HELL do you make of this one then? Boys after Girls??? Kiss catch??? FROGLETS??? And what is with my obsession with the ITV news? It cropped up in the last one too –  I need a lie down . . .  



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10 responses to “Pure Plagiarism, Part 2.

  1. have you been to see anyone about this? because if not…you know?

    may the force be with you froglet xxx

  2. Chollabean

    I love love love these!!! I am lay on my couch actually belly laughing to my strange self! If it helps, i once dreamt of Marzipan Pigs as a youngster and proceeded to tell my Mother all about them the next morning, she always did say i should have written it down……………….. :/

  3. Msissa

    I would LOVE to know what your teacher wrote as her (his?) comment! Sheer genius 🙂

  4. Aww how cute? How old were you in class 3? I think kiss catch sounds like a fun game 🙂

  5. Hahahaha! Pmsl! So, so funny 😉 keep em coming! xxx

  6. This is bloody brilliant fun! More!
    And thank you so much for your wonderfully thougtful comments on my blog about my mum, your words really helped 🙂

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