10 Things I Like :-)

 10 things I like. By Grace.

  1. The funny squeaky noise Daddy makes when I go to bash Iggle Piggle on the posh new telly.
  2. Tipping out a full box of cereal on the kitchen floor. This makes a very good crunch crunch sound when I stomp on it. STOMP STOMP STOMP.
  3. Twiddling Mummy’s hair when I suck my thumb. Sometimes I have to push her face around to get to her pony tail. This is the very best thing for twiddling.
  4. Suddenly doing a very loud, very high-pitched scream while Mummy is driving and she thinks I’m asleep.
  5. Dancing to the theme tune from Dads Army.
  6. Mummy’s face when I put my hands in my own poo the second my nappy’s off.
  7. Pulling things off the shelves in the supermarket, and also eating the shopping list.
  8. My shiny red party shoes.
  9. Poking Daddy on the nose because he makes a noise like  clown horn.
  10. Bashing my spoon away at anything home cooked. OR keeping it in my mouth so Mummy thinks I’ve had it and then spitting it ALL out when the next spoonful arrives . . . Bleeeeh.

Lots of love from Me – Grace x



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    8 responses to “10 Things I Like :-)

    1. Wow Grace, rubbing your poo on Mummy’s face? That’s awesome – I’ve not tried that one yet!

      My mummy really loves it when she’s got a clean pair of black trousers on and I put put yogurty fingerprints on them from a petit filous pot I’ve stashed under the settee. That’s cause it leaves dubious stains when wiped off which makes Daddy snigger. Dad then gets tutted at and whacked oopside the head and I laugh demonically.

      I really loved your list and think we should compare notes sometime.

      Luv Babyzoid x

    2. Hehe fabulous.

      I wonder what freyjas would be… 🙂 x

    3. ha! I LOVE this!! Number 6 I completely sympathise with mummy on 😉 Charles does the exact same.

      Can I copy this please?? I’ll link back I promise x

    4. Oh yes, Luka loves to grab his own poo too. Usually gets daddy though! XxX

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    6. Love this! I wonder what my littlest’s would be.

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