Stressful Day!

STRESSful morning. In fact stressful day all round. In fact, stressful week! Grace decided to keep us up most of the night screaming for no particular reason. Tired and grumpy, got myself ready half asleep with mascara wand in one hand, and toddler perched on knee and held with the other hand whilst she simultaneously trashed everything on the dressing table and stuck her fingers into my lipsticks. Mammoth struggle to get her dressed. Trousers are the enemy, and cardigans the work of the devil. No help from hubby as he had to leave the house at stupid-o-clock for a meeting. Finally good to go (late mind you) and the car keys are nowhere to be found. Many upturned cushions and expletives later, still no sign, although Grace has had a marvellous time helping Mummy throw the sofa cushions everywhere and shouting. Nothing else for it – will have to go out back way and use spare car keys. Back way means – due to all the building work that’s NEVER GOING
TO EEEEEEEND – putting Grace on my back in her special carrier, balancing over a plank that’s there to get across the massive hole right outside the back door, and clambering precariously over a 5ft pile of rubble and bricks that’s blocking the side of the house. All the while, Grace is finding the whole episode hilarious, and persistently kicks Mummy in the back.

And all before 8 in the morning.

Still no courtesy car from the shocking company my insurance people have put me onto, over a week after some div went into the back of us, and by 9am – seven missed calls from solicitors (whom I have already informed several times: I do not have whiplash, I have not incurred any financial losses, and I can’t be arsed suing anyone!) Also this morning – a major punch up between two year 10 girls, and a headache.

The house is  a complete s**t tip, I don’t have anything for tea, and I have just literally this second chipped my new un-chippable £30 gel manicure that I’ve had for one frigging day.

So how are you?



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10 responses to “Stressful Day!

  1. Robo

    And you looked so gorgeous today! Thank god I saw you today and not on a glam day otherwise I’d have kicked you intge back too haha x

    • I was ready for a reet micky take when I saw you’d commented but – bless ya! MMmmmwah x ! (I don’t really do glam days though 🙂

      • Robo

        Am I that obvious!! Ha – although your constant apology for yawning throughout our short but sweet time together made we gaffour – great big dobbin yawns lol xx

  2. OMG – puts my fury at having dropped, and smashed, a brand new jar of Canderel all over the kitchen floor and despite spending a fortune on new halogen light bulbs less than a month ago, 2 have blown at the same time – into perspective!! I send you virtual chocolate to soothe your pain! X

  3. Oh dear…still, at least you can probably be safe in the knowledge that tomorrow can’t be any worse.

    Also, take comfort in the fact that I’m spending my weekend this weekend with my inlaws.

    I will be needed that stress reduction kit for sure.

  4. Wow….that sounds pretty hellish to me….large glass of wine and a big deep breath out? 🙂 xxx

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