Life According to Grace.

First off, I apologise for my absence. Life seemed to overtake a wee bit and I just didn’t seem to find the time to blog. Also, the wee one has been poorly with tonsillitis. Stripped down to her nappy  and burning like a little furnace, she’s pretty much spent about 3 days glued to me and whimpering. My poor little limpet.  However – it would seem that we are now back to full health, and therefore the chosen theme for my grand return is as follows:

Life according to Grace.

1 – Everything Quacks. Any animal, drawing of an animal, animal on TV, be it a duck, a dog, a monkey or a fish, now gets pointed at and an enthusiastic “wack wack” issues forth from little lips. Followed by a round of applause for herself.

2 – The world looks far better when you’re upside down peeping through your own legs.

3 – The plasterer is the most interesting person in the world.

4 – There is nothing more fun than filling up the dog’s water bowl with stuff. The following items are preferred:

•    Mummy’s keys
•    Daddy’s glasses
•    Sippy cup
•    Remote controls
•    Anything that can be cunningly snaffled from the bottom draw of the dishwasher whilst Mum’s attention is diverted.

5 – There is never an inappropriate time to dance, or an inappropriate tune to dance too. Recent dance ad-libbing has included:

•    The lift music in Debenhams.
•    Daddy’s hammering when working on the extension.
•    The Go Compare advert.
•    One particular button that plays a tune on the Pepper Pig sound book.
•    The family band – consisting of Grace on maracas, Daddy on wooden drum, and Mummy on crocodile xylophone. (One hates to blow ones own trumpet – or bang one’s own crocodile xylophone even, but it has to be said – WE ROCK!)

So yes, life is indeed back to normal. Which I LOVE, because seeing my happy little baby so poorly was just horrid, horrid, horrid. I even forgave the permanent marker on the 2 week old, brand new, cream kitchen units – possibly only because I managed to get it off, but she was after all developing her artistic flair and shouldn’t be restricted. (A concept her father and I don’t yet see eye to eye on.)

Life according to Grace is filled with music and scribbles. Life according to Grace means cuddles for everyone and making a mess. Life according to Grace is trying to sing “wind the bobbin up” at 3 in the morning and happily chasing the dogs around.
Go Grace! Good to have you back baby girl xxx



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3 responses to “Life According to Grace.

  1. eviegracesmummy

    Beautiful post Grace sounds like a dream x

  2. Good to see you back!

    Poor Grace, tonsillitis is the worst x

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