Review: Peter Rabbit Organics Juices.

My Peter Rabbit Organic Juices arrived yesterday. I was very chuffed to review them as my 18 month old daughter, Grace has a real love for her juice at the moment. The problem being though, I like most Mums am very conscious of the sugar content of a lot of drinks on the market, and I usually end up juicing fresh fruit myself and diluting it. (Get me . . . earth mother.) This approach may give me a warm fuzzy glow inside, but it’s faffy and time-consuming.

First off, the packaging. Lovely. Colourful without being gaudy and no mental cartoon characters screaming “SUGAR IN A CARTON!” leering at me. Just charming Peter Rabbit, bless him, assuring me of the lovely things inside. Also, a handy 150ml size so perfect for little hands, for lunch boxes, and for ‘on the go’ Mums and Dads. 

Next thing, ingredients. Are they as wholesome as they claim to be? Absolutely. Water, juice, vitamin C, and no nasties. Finally a guilt-free shop bought drink.

Attention to detail is impressive, with a very user-friendly, extendable little straw that’s easy to pierce the carton with and thicker at the drinking end. (This also caused a moment of great excitement as for the first time with any carton, Grace managed to put the straw back in all by herself!) Here is Grace showing you, dear reader, said straw with such zeal that she couldn’t actually keep it still long enough to get an un-blurred photo!



She is still a little young for cartons really and the straw was in and out many times as well as a bit of spillage due to squeezing the carton out of sheer excitement at this little juicy adventure. That said, we have had the odd carton before when stuck, and this one is by far the one she’s managed the best with.

Straws can be tricky, but I shall overcome!

All this is academic however unless the taste test proves successful, and boy, was it successful. I  handed her the little box, and she absolutely wolfed it down! Loved it. Even her Dad commented how much she was enjoying it, when he’s usually pretty oblivious to mealtime activity and wouldn’t notice if I put a bowl of dog biscuits and a pint lager in front of her. She clung to her little carton long after it was finished (which didn’t take long.) I also tried a bit myself and the flavour was reassuringly gentle and refreshing.

Peter Rabbit Organic juices are available in three flavours: Apple and Grape, Pear and Blackcurrant. They are already diluted, wheat, dairy and gluten free and made in a nut free factory – so ticks all the allergy boxes. They are available to buy in the baby isles at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Booths, Waitrose, Ocado, and Whole Foods for an RRp of 55p each.

I can honestly say with conviction that we humble three of the Barlow Clan were impressed. Peter Rabbit Organic Juices would be a great treat, handy on days out, and will be a cupboard staple here from now on.


For more information, take a look at their website:



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5 responses to “Review: Peter Rabbit Organics Juices.

  1. jenny gawne

    well good mate x

  2. Ah bless her! We haven’t tried them but Eva loves Peter Rabbit and Luka loves juice so might not be a bad idea! Great review and I love the idea of the dog biscuits and a pint of lager… not for Grace of course, but if Stu wouldnt notice…

  3. They do sound quite nice and the sugar content thing is a massive plus! I’ll look out for these in my next shop. Really good first review.

  4. Trish

    After reading this review I am off for a shower and to put on my ‘public face’ ready for a shopping expedition to get some. When Harvey comes over it will feel right to give hime some ‘uuss’ that is not full of the ‘nasties’! Personally I will stick to the pint of lager!!

  5. Kate Davidson

    Extraordinarily informative review, many thanks. We did try the Peter Rabbit juice… it was absolutely magnificent. The child gobbled up the whole carton. Splendid indeed.

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