Tramps Vs Babies

Babies are like tramps!

I’m talking about proper, old-school, shopping trolley and beard tramps. Of either sex. Ideally with a bit of old rope for a belt and minimal teeth.

I realised this tonight after two large glasses of red wine, and have been giggling to myself so much that I had to log my thoughts immediately. My reasoning for above statement is thus:

  1. They don’t walk very well, often staggering.
  2. Staggering is usually accompanied with the clutching of a bottle.
  3. They beg for stuff.
  4. They shout random gibberish.
  5. They cack themselves.


Granted – not my most politically correct post, but I believe previous statement regarding wine consumption should exonorate exhonarate ecs  let me off any guilt!

Pash the boccle . . .





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4 responses to “Tramps Vs Babies

  1. Cake and Tea Blog

    Genius! And they eat out of bins if you let them too. 😀

  2. GUTTED I didn’t think of that one! x

  3. They’ll even hide food in any pocket, bag, nook and cranny.

  4. hear hear!! and you forgot they leave a trail of s*** wherever they’ve been…’s***’ meant liberally in this case…

    and ps i exonerate you…

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