A Post for Poppy!

Grace has a “best friend” by the name of Poppy. I’ve put that in inverted commas because this is a friendship completely enforced by Poppy’s Mum and me. We work together, were pregnant at the same time, and so therefore our little ones see each other on a regular basis, and have grown together from helpless wee newborns, wriggling round beside one another on a rug, to the troublesome toddlers we (try) to parent now.    Trouble is, despite our best efforts, the girls – at best – are completely indifferent towards each other. Let me tell you about our last visit. On the way to Poppy’s I try to built the excitement for Grace in the car. “Are we going to see Poppy? Are we? YEAAAAAH!” 

“YYYEEEAAAAAAAH!” Grace cries back with glee and claps hands. The journey continues thus with lots of me trying to get her to say “Poppy,” lots of “Yeeeah’s” and lots of hand clapping.

We arrive and knock on the front door.   I give the usual big build up “Heeeeeeere coooooooooooooomes” (door is opened) “POPPY! YEAH!”  Poppy’s Mum is wearing a big grin equally as idiotic as my own and is waving Poppy’s hand for her.

We put the girls in the living room amongst the toys and wait for the affection between them to spew forth. What we actually get is a kind of wild-west-duel stand-off, with the girls standing facing each other, staring intently. It’s like we’re just waiting for the hay bale to blow past and that whistly music to play. 

Eventually, the troublesome twosome decide that toys are probably more fun than staring, and begin to play with things. Or to be more precise, Grace playing with things (quite roughly I’m afraid to say – she’s definitely the more boisterous of the two) whilst Poppy toddles after her worriedly trying to take back what’s hers.

“Gentle” I tell Grace as she merrily bashes Poppy’s favourite dolly’s head on the coffee table.  “GENTLE, DAMN IT!” This is received with defiant laughter and more head bashing.

“Share Poppy, share toys” Poppy’s Mum patiently reasons. This is received with a dirty look and an accusatory point at Grace.

“Give Poppy dolly back Grace, look she’s getting upset now. Ta . . . TA! GRACE!”

Dolly is thrown aside (probably the best compromise we’ll get) and hurriedly rescued by the ever-anxious Poppy. Next, Grace sits in Poppy’s special chair. Poppy tries to shove her out of it. It’s never ending, and Grace is exactly the same with her own stuff.

Can someone tell me when it is they’ll learn to play nicely together and get along?
Or is this “best friendship” completely in Mummy’s heads and wishful thinking?

Time to go. “Bye bye Poppy!” I chirrup on Graces behalf.
“Bye bye Grace!” Comes the reply.
“Kisses?” We shove their heads together. Grace shoves Poppy’s face, Poppy looks upset. ****sigh****

(Once we’re in the car though Grace does nothing BUT wave bye bye nicely and blow kisses! FFS!)

Friendship is a funny thing between little ones isn’t it? Never mind, we shall soldier on and they WILL be best of friends. They will they will THEY WILL!!!


Just take the rusk, and get of my property, right?



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8 responses to “A Post for Poppy!

  1. Ha ha it reminds me of her and Luka, the other day when you left, he was asking for her for ages!!

  2. jenny gawne

    I have the picture of Grace hitting Poppy over the head with a plastic spoon because she was playing with the cup! They were only about 6 months old- hehehe x

  3. tracy

    that’s hillarious, poor poppy.. everybody sit’s in her favourite chair, so did Ava my daughter x

  4. Brilliant! Must get a copy!

  5. Ha ha! It’s a bit like this at our play dates too. DD runs around pointing at all her toys that the other kids are playing with. Great post 😀

  6. Kate Dengra

    I can relate to this one too – Alejandro meets in the park with his playmates ‘Rueben’ and ‘Ed’, last time we went Ed’s Mum took a ball which led to all 3 of them wanting it and all 3 of them crying over it (so we had to hide the ball). I always think Alejandro is a bit more of a street urchin compared to the other 2 who seem a bit more polite and not as rough. Ali always looks scruffy and they always look so pristine clean! and they NEVER want to play together. I guess maybe he will learn to play and share!!! when he starts nursery in September!

  7. SO glad it’s not just mine then!!! 🙂

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