How Children Change your Life (and your baths!)

Ask someone who hasn’t had children how it would change their life and they’d probably give you a list of things along these lines:

  • You have less sleep
  • You have less of a social life
  • You have less money

Ask someone who has recently had children, and the response may well be thus:

  • Nothing feels like being a Mummy or Daddy. You have created life, and it’s your best achievement.
  • The feeling of love you have for them is overpowering. Nothing prepares you for it.
  • You truly learn what responsibility is.
  • You smile everyday.
  • You will have less sleep/money/social life! (but weirdly, you don’t mind . . .  that much.)

Well, some things have occurred to me lately on just how my life has changed since having Grace. Not the stuff mentioned above. I’m talking about the little things that no-one really tells you about. They are neither good nor bad, but simple observations of a few of the many ways Grace has indeed, changed our lives:

  • I can no longer put on a shoe without finding something in it. Usually a hair clip or item of make-up I’ve been looking for for some time.
  • My husband is constantly under he impression his eyesight is failing, when in fact, it’s little finger marks mucking up his glasses’ lenses.
  • Baths are no longer indulgent/pampering/sexy. Bubbles may multiply forth, essential oils may be sprinkled, tea-lights lit and soothing music played. I am still guaranteed a plastic stick-on-the-wall octopus falling on my head, a bath book finding its way somewhere unmentionable, or the angel herself waking up and kicking off (unbeknownst to my darling other half who is playing Call Of Duty too loudly downstairs and won’t hear a thing.)
  • Sentences like “Look Giblet, Makka Pakka’s got his Uff Uff!” don’t sound weird.
  • EVERY item of clothing I own has a yoghurt stain on it somewhere.
  • I say “Ta” to grown adults instead of “Thank you ” out of sheer habit.
  • Conversations about poo are common place. You will never discuss poo as much as when you have kids (unless you’re my mate Julie. She has loads of poo stories, and no children.)
  • Things have new names. So commonplace now we use them even when Grace isn’t in the room E.g  OO oo = yoghurt. (it’s the nearest G can get to saying Petite Filous) “”Wack wacks” = slippers (they have ducks on them.) “Dappys” = bananas (because Dappy from N Dubz starts every song with “Na na na”)

(Just read that last one back and debated whether or not to delete it. Sometimes it’s hard admitting how weird you are.)

And lastly . . .


    . . . you have a shining little light in your life and in your heart that you wouldn’t swap for the whole wide world. xxx



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9 responses to “How Children Change your Life (and your baths!)

  1. Beyond true! Don’t forget that you develop excellent reflexes to stop a child, or yourself, falling over one of their toys. Also finishing off their half-eaten food, sometimes from their spoon is second-nature.

  2. Haha!! Sooo true, bloody Call of Duty. Why are men so obsessed by it? every bit if clothing I own has sick on it somewhere. I’m not even bothered by it anymore and won’t bother changing. Is this bad? 🙂

  3. Kat

    I just laughed out loud and the Dappy remark! So funny!!!

  4. Great post! Popping over to say hi from Mummy’s Little Monkey blog hop!

  5. All I can say is, life would be boring without the odd poo story. I have a good one from the IOW festival I shall happily share with you one day

  6. Cooool! comment from the Julie herself! (Should start a poo blog!) 🙂

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