There’s a chicken in the kitchen.

You’ll never guess what’s just happened here!

 Stu was upstairs playing with little un while her bath was running. I was downstairs feeling in need of a cup of tea. Into the kitchen I go to put the kettle on, and there’s a chicken in it! (The kitchen that is, not the kettle.) An honest to God live chicken, cocking its little head about and eyeballing me like it’s annoyed I’ve interrupted it!

 Very weird.

Just what is the protocol when confronted with random poultry in ones own kitchen?  I was unsure what to do, but at the same time,  it was quite exciting. In the end, I did what any rational person would do. “Shoo it out the back door?” I hear you cry “Ring the RSPCA?” Nope . . .

I took it upstairs to play.

 Just for a few minutes so I could ask Stu what he thought, and we could decide what to do. As it happened, it was a very friendly chicken and seemed quite happy strutting about on our landing having a good old nosy. It even rolled a loo roll out from the bathroom . . . chickens, eh? What are they like? ***Shakes head fondly and looks heavenwards ****

 Grace however was overjoyed at the temporary new addition and although it wouldn’t let her get anywhere near enough for a cuddle, she had great fun trying! After a brief but heated discussion whereby I am totally overruled by my husband and NOT allowed to keep the chicken, he takes it off for some door to door enquiries, and it is safely returned to the neighbour to whom it belonged. Farewell little chicken friend! Our time together was short but sweet (and messy. Turns out it shat on the stairs!)

So how was your day?


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3 responses to “There’s a chicken in the kitchen.

  1. Oh this is hilarious!

    At least you didn’t decide to make chicken soup out of him as he’s really rather cute 😉

    This reminds me of visiting a kiddies farm pre-children and holding a fella like this whilst my friends all made hilarious jokes about how I loved to stroke huge cocks.

    sigh…. life was so easy then…

  2. Reblogged this on waterbirthplease and commented:

    Ah – remember the days when you used to find livestock in your kitchen?

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