Stop the Mummy Blogger Bashers!

Right. I’ve had enough and need to have a rant!

The social networking sites are awash with people’s blogs/hobbies/aquisisions. Not  a day goes by where I don’t log onto facebook/twitter and am presented with a plethora of various links and posts about my friends and acquaintance’s multitude of achievements. Some are photographers, amateur and professional alike. Some are music writers or book reviewers. Some have business’s they promote or articles they have written. Some are techies and nothing they post makes sense to me. Some only talk work/pets/gaming/drunken nights out/TV. And you know what . . . That’s fine. That’s what they do, it’s what they’re passionate about, and what they want to share with me. It’s also what social networking is all about and anyone and everyone has the right to post what they want. After all, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

So WHY oh WHY oh WHY is it fair game to have a pop at the Mummy-Blogging community?

 This week alone I’ve read 3 comments, both directly and indirectly slagging us off. “Mums!” rants one poor chappie obviously feeling bombarded  “Why do you think we’re interested in reading about your babies’ sh**t habits?”

“Stupid-comment bloke” say I “despite the fact I have never written about the contents of my daughters nappy, if I did, it would still be infinitely more interesting than anything you have to say.”

(I have to add also, that in my opinion the quality of writing and passion in some of these blogs exceeds much of that in the professional world by a mile!)

It seems usually that anything goes in the on-line world. It is acceptable to talk endlessly about which over-paid moron kicked a ball into a net and shagged his best mate’s wife. It is of paramount importance who is going to be fired on the next episode of The Apprentice. It is endlessly fascinating to hear how hung over people are, what a great night out they’ve had, or what Kate Middleton is wearing. 

But to write about your children???!!!  Oh my God SAD SAD SAD!

To create a legacy to pass through the generations?  ***snicker, snicker***

 To take an interest in the little people who will one day be paying all these idiots pensions? WHATever . . .losers.

  Well on behalf of myself and my fellow Mummy Blogging brethren . . . STUFF OFF!

We make no apologies for loving our children and wanting to document our precious journey with them.

Mummy Blogging is not a dirty word, it’s just that those who do it are sometimes made to feel like it is. I even know of some women who simply won’t admit to it. They have a “Lifestyle Blog” or a “Family website” such is the shame they are made to feel by those two little words.

You know what? The internet has plenty of room. If you don’t care – don’t click. Easy. Now give us a break and think on before you slag us off and then post about the latest X Factor evictee.

P.S Contents of nappy this evening was approximately 2 x 1.5 inches in size, on a par in colour to Dulux’s Velvet Truffle and the consistency of any leading brand peanut butter (smooth, not crunchy.)

(Well . . . ya gotta give ’em what they want sometimes!)


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10 responses to “Stop the Mummy Blogger Bashers!

  1. Glad that I was not aware that mummy bloggers are being bashed! My general view is if you don’t like it don’t read it – I would tend to agree that nappy contents posts are not among the most edifying or interesting. However, anyone at Cybermummy who heard the final post about the child covered in poo so viscous the water in the shower ran off it would agree I’m sure that good writing is good writing!

  2. I am angry that anyone has a negative opinion about mummy bloggers. I totally understand if they think that all we write about is dirty nappies but they are very misguided. There are so many amazing mummy/mammy bloggers who write about so much more than just their kids and the one’s who do-well, that is up to them!! I have had so many nasty things said to me by people and also my so called friends pretending they don’t read my blog when obviously they do! If people don’t like what they read then they shouldn’t read it at all. Maybe they should get their own hobbies and stop pulling everyone elses!!! xxxxx great post, my son is potty training so no nappies at the mo just lots of wets patches everywhere! x

  3. Love it, love it! And yes, your point about Mummy Bloggers writing with passion and skill is very valid. I have read many blogs by women whose writing skills are on a par with many successful journalists and authors. As you said, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. It really is THAT simple x

  4. So what if some guys are not interested in our children’s antics, they don’t have to read it if they don’t want to.
    I don’t like football, and I don’t care about the inner workings of the latest super-car, so I just scroll past any of that stuff.
    The clue is usually found in the blog title – like the other ladies have said – don’t click it if you don’t want to know! x

  5. Exactly girls! Glad it’s not just me! xxx

  6. Love your post, a blog is what you want it to be and if you enjoy writing it then that’s what matters. I blog about my son and apparently it is even weirder to be a Daddy Blogger. I will never understand people that take the time to read and comment on a post that they have no interest in!

    It is strange that when you become a parent you suddenly become fascinated with bowel movements. Although I should restrict my interest to my son’s movements:)

  7. Hey. Good to see you ranting! There is nothing better than to vent the frustration out. I know nothing about kids apart from the fact they lie on their back with a bottle…just like some of the idiots who are criticising you. Im with you in that I don’t understand people’s fascination with having to post their opinions on what Cheryl Cole is wearing or if Ryan Giggs is an idiot. Neither of them are relevant but if that’s what they like fair enough, nobody should have a pop at something they don’t understand.

  8. wowsers, i have just sat and read 5 blogs-a catch up, and have thoroughly enjoyed myself! i was lol at the chick-this is a daily experience for me, as are the ducks now…they’re well funny- get one, goon, they’re ace! and u get the best fresh eggs too!

    anyway, on a tangent there, i am now off to watch only fools and horses, my hubby’s out for the eve, hence the uninterrupted, unadulterated blog reading fest.

    thanks for the laughs!!

    see u soon, tamsyn x

    and ps, the slagger offers are whooses, i’d like to have him say it on stage to all us mummy bloggers…see what happened…

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