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A (very) Early Morning.

I cracked. I was just soooo tired. So when the Giblet starts howling with lonesomeness at 4.30 am, I changed her nappy – trance-like – and put her straight into bed with us. (I just KNEW it’d be a nightmare getting her settled in her own bed and the odd time we’ve resorted this in the past, she’s gone straight back off again.)

Not this morning though. No.

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How Children Change your Life (and your baths!)

Ask someone who hasn’t had children how it would change their life and they’d probably give you a list of things along these lines:

  • You have less sleep
  • You have less of a social life
  • You have less money

Ask someone who has recently had children, and the response may well be thus:

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A Post for Poppy!

Grace has a “best friend” by the name of Poppy. I’ve put that in inverted commas because this is a friendship completely enforced by Poppy’s Mum and me. We work together, were pregnant at the same time, and so therefore our little ones see each other on a regular basis, and have grown together from helpless wee newborns, wriggling round beside one another on a rug, to the troublesome toddlers we (try) to parent now. Continue reading


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Feel really guilty about last nights post and have bought a copy of the Big Issue. Just wanted to share that.

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Tramps Vs Babies

Babies are like tramps!

I’m talking about proper, old-school, shopping trolley and beard tramps. Of either sex. Ideally with a bit of old rope for a belt and minimal teeth.

I realised this tonight after two large glasses of red wine, and have been giggling to myself so much that I had to log my thoughts immediately. My reasoning for above statement is thus:

  1. They don’t walk very well, often staggering.
  2. Staggering is usually accompanied with the clutching of a bottle.
  3. They beg for stuff.
  4. They shout random gibberish.
  5. They cack themselves.


Granted – not my most politically correct post, but I believe previous statement regarding wine consumption should exonorate exhonarate ecs  let me off any guilt!

Pash the boccle . . .




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Outdoor Adventures

So I was pootling about on the fabbity fab website Tots100 and noticed that their blog hop theme was “Ourdoor Adventures.” OOoh, I thought, and got all inspired!

I loved playing outside as a kid, and I like to get the wee one out pretty much every day if I can. The beauty of outdoor play is that the world becomes your playground. Yes, the wendy house and the water tray in the garden are brilliant fun, but equally, so is the local park or nature reserve. A rock can be a fortress, keeping you safe from the incoming Pirates. A shell becomes precious treasure. A stick, a mighty sword. (Or as I believed as a child, seaweed is mermaid hair that has fallen out!) Magic. We forget as  we journey into adulthood just how unbelievably adaptive our minds as children were; that feeling of becoming truly lost in your own imaginary world. One of the greatest pleasures I find with my daughter now is a chance to return to that state of mind. To crouch with her examining rock pools, to draw in the mud or the sand with sticks, throw stones in the water, run and run over fields, and lie on my back with her staring up at the sky.  

            It has been raining consistently  here in Bolton for days now. It’s got to the stage where I felt if I see the interior of another soft play centre, I would explode. Yesterday morning, whilst watching our Pepper Pig DVD and staring gloomily out at the rainy day, inspiration struck! Go out anyway, damn it!

(Now this next bit is going to be tricky as I don’t have the techno skills to edit and insert my own visual montage, so you’ll have to make do with a descriptive one and picture it in your head.)

Queue the “A team” theme tune as back ground music. Close up of me pulling on my black wellies. Close up of me pushing on daughter’s Iggle Piggle wellies for her. Close up of me dressing myself and then child in waterproof coat (I feel an extreme close up on fastening top button would add a certain Je ne sais quoi, at this point.) A shot of smiling happy mother and daughter fully rain-proofed, high-fiving (possibly then with a thumbs up to camera? Or is this too much?) before car seat buckle snapping shut, car door slamming, ignition key turning, and off we go!

HA! We laugh in the face of rain! We splash in puddles, kick wet sand, run along the water’s edge and have a flipping marvellous afternoon.

Get wet.

Get outside.

Play with toys.

Play with mother nature.

Just play. (and then keep your fingers crossed that neither of you have caught a cold!)

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