A Trip to Hospital

Reasons why this week was bad:

  • Grace has been throwing up since Thursday morning. She is like a little lost, feverish rag doll that cries when she’s sick and cries if she’s not in my arms – even for a few seconds.
  • We spent most of yesterday and last night in hospital. She was prodded and poked and X-rayed and weighed. She had things stuck on her arms and in her arms. She had a special bag stuck on to catch her wee. She hated it but was too poorly to object, other than little whimpers and “Noooo”‘s.
  • She hasn’t eaten now for over 50 hours.
  • She gets tummy pains and can’t get comfy.
  • We are all very, very tired.
  • My arms are painful from holding her all the time.
  • I haven’t seen my daughter’s beautiful smile for 3 days now.

Reasons why this week was good:

  • My husband got an “I was good in X-ray” sticker.
  • Grace likes the taste of “Dioralyte” . . . weirdo!
  • She has Gastroenteritis. It isn’t pleasant, but she will be ok again soon.

Reasons I am grateful for the hospital, the Dioralyte and the water to dissolve it in; this week and always: 

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3 responses to “A Trip to Hospital

  1. Oh sweetie, I know how absolutely heartbreaking it is. The Boy had it at 3 weeks old and it’s horrible. Huge hug for you and for Grace.

  2. Oh my i hope she feels better soon, bless xx

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