My Interpretation of “In the Night Garden”

Having had a very poorly toddler this week, we’ve done a fair bit of telly watching. As a result, I’ve had a good long time to ponder the mentalness that is “In The Night Garden” Over-thinking and lack of sleep have led me to the following conclusions:

Disclaimer: The following statements are the personal opinions of the blogger and the blogger only. They are written strictly for entertainment purposes and cast no genuine aspersions on the sexuality or mental capabilities of the Night Garden Residents. Nor are they written with any reasearch behind claims of the use of cryogenic freezing or bombs as cast members.


  1. Makka Pakka – Very camp midget with Princess Leia hair-do and OCD. I mean, washing rocks? Really?  

2. Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy – Lesbian couple.

3. The Tombliboos – Idiots! They confuse me and raise to many questions. Where are their carers? Why can’t they keep their trousers on? Why do they wear rollers when they have no hair?  AND someone needs to tell them they can’t play the keyboard for sh*t.

4. The Pinky Ponk – A brightly painted World War 2 bomb with a giant tit stuck on the front. Makes noises similar to my daughters arse when she had gastroenteritis.

5. The Pontipines – Cryogenically frozen Wooden Tops from the 60’s that have been revived and infiltrated modern children’s television. YOU DON’T FOOL ME WITH YOUR FALSE MOUSTACHE MR P! I’M ONTO YOU!!!

 Like I said . . . I’m tired.


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34 responses to “My Interpretation of “In the Night Garden”

  1. Classic! Having spent half the morning in the company of the above people, I can confirm some of the thoughts you have expressed.

  2. i always had Upsy Daisy down as a displaced Dreamlands salesperson…lovely divan darling

  3. Jenny

    you know this has always concerned me dude, I remember questioning you over it once………. it’s given me nightmares before

  4. Like I said, genius!! I sit and watch them and wonder many many things about ITNG. Is it written by someone a bit high? Why are there massive rainbow drops all over the place? Why does iggle piglet never go to bed? Why do the ha hoos just float around looking judgemental?

  5. KatieB

    haha! That is just excellent. I have many questions about ITNG, I can’t get my head around it and I just can’t bring myself to watch it anymore, but then three yrs of it is enough to drive you mental. I wonder if it has an effect on children’s spacial awareness? I mean, nothing is in proportion…how the hell do they all fit in the Ninky Nonk when they’re often bigger that it. How can Makka Pakka wash faces with a dry soap and sponge (don’t even get me started on the hygiene) and how did they get away with an episode about Iggle Piggles tiddle???? Don’t even want to know what’s in that Pinky Ponk juice :-0 nuff said!

  6. Single handedly THE freakiest brigade i have ever, ever come across. who the HELL thought up their names, and why are they working on children’s things?? number one, and number two, the pinky ponk???? WTF. so with u sister….


    ps lmao at this post!! x

  7. ps it should be called…ITNWTFG-In The Night of What The F*ck Garden…

  8. LOL this amused me! Although I thought Iggle Piggle was a boy – he has no curves and he is blue.

    My favourite tweet recently was someone who said they felt sorry for the Wattingers as they didn’t get as much airtime as the Pontipines 🙂

  9. shelley

    at least its a laugh for us parents…BUT our toddlers love it! C’ us 20 min of peace and you gotta LOVE the show 😉

  10. Love this interpretation. I also thought Iggle was a boy…hmm. I’ve had to watch this night after night for ages with my 18 month old and found myself wondering what a Night Garden newspaper would report about the episode’s events – so I started The Daily Night Garden. Mostly just to amuse myself and friends who also have to sit through ITNG and find themselves humming ‘I’m Upsy Daisy, here I come!’ etc throughout the day… if you want to check it out,

  11. Sam

    I think you’re all reading too much into this colourful kids show. I did the same when my now-3-yr-old used to love it… “Why is the ninky-nonk so small when noones riding in it, but so massive when they all go for rides?”
    etc etc…
    but really, it’s just a fun show for little kids. repetitive sounds and actions, lots of colours.
    My 18-mth-old girl has watched it 3 times, and can now say “Daisy”. She dances around and gets so excited. I wouldn’t exactly call it a relaxing, sleepytime show for her, but it definitely is stimulating.
    Leave it be, don’t look too much into it, the kids will grow out of soon enough and you’ll never have to watch it again… til you have more kids!!

  12. Missrhianon

    I have a 21 month old and my partner and I sit down with her every might to watch with her! We find we sing with her and join in with her amusement of it! She sees the stars at the beginning and gets so dam excited that her show is on then goes to bed happy and sleepy after saying goodnight to daisy, piggly, pak and pink! I have never read into like most of these posts but my daughter loves it so that’s all I care abot!

  13. Sally Tuck

    Beautiful – thank you for such a lovely piece of writing – you still have me smiling and the gift of laughter today is really needed.

  14. Dazza

    I came across this show when I was trying to find something else (probably DWTV English language news with that cute Meggan Leigh) and became hooked. However, the episodes I have seen left me with some doubts about the characters. Here are just a couple of examples.
    In one show, the bed rocked up and Upsy Daisy got into it. What did Iggle Piggle do? He just fell about, laughing. There was an open invitation if ever I saw one. I was left with two conclusions, either
    1) We have all heard about the unseen Warner Bros cartoon in which the Coyote catches the Road Runner. Is there an unseen episode in which Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy get their act together? or
    2) Is Iggle Piggle simply gay and all of Upsy Daisy’s pursuits futile?
    I put my money on 2.
    Another issue is the Pontipines. Given their sleeping arrangements of everybody in one room, how did they manage to conceive so many children without freaking out the ones that are already there?
    Food for thought.

  15. Ken

    I am generally in agreeance with you however Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle are not Lesbian Lovers as Iggle Piggle is a boy (Nick Ping Chee)!!!! Upsy Daisy is a lady of the night.

    Please! A motorized bed that follows her around!
    Meals on Wheels.
    An inflatable dress!
    Easy access.
    Kissing everyone you see!
    Product placement.

    So Upsy Daisy is really Upsy Dufsy.

    The Horror! The Horror!

  16. oh my god never laughed so much i have a three year old an have to watch it at least 3 times a day

  17. YES! YES! YES! evrytime i watch it so many questions come into my mind an you just answered all of them aha XX

  18. Imagine how I reached you! I’m in the process of putting my daughter’s second birthday party together and there you go, bam! The theme is ‘In The Night Garden’. I won’t deny that I LMAO after reading this but also can’t deny that the daughter adores everything about it, so!

    PS: After watching it for more than 540 days, There’s this traumatic feeling of a tornado hitting your head & churning the brain every time I watch now, phew! I’m done, no seriously.

    See ya soon here!

  19. first time dad

    All I can say is no matter how mental and annoying the show is, nothing on tele would keep my 6 month old glued to the tv like the night garden……sorry there is one other thing- through the grape vine rip off advert by national accident helpline but its only 32 seconds long. Its on YouTube still and is a last resort tactic but boy does it work!

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