Look what “Forever Friends” are up to . . .

Grace and I were very excited to get our parcel in the post today. Well ok, I was excited, Grace was indifferent untill I gave her the little Forever Friends teddy that came with it. She soon took an interest then.

Forever friends are branching out and have launched a new range of baby bath and body  products for the 0-3 age bracket. Being a fan of natural ingredients and cute teddy bears, I naturally (see what I did there?) was very chuffed to be able to review the SplishSplash Bath Bubbles, Rub-A-Dub 2 in 1 Shampoo and Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion.

Firstly – As you can see, gorgeous gorgeous packaging. Just what you’d expect from Forever Friends.

Secondly – All the products smell lovely and unlike anything else on the market that I’ve come across. The bubble bath is infused with chamomile for relaxation and calendula which is good for the skin. As my husband so eloquently put it “That’s good innit? It doesn’t smell of old-lady-lavender.” Both the bubble bath and the 2 in 1 shampoo were foamy and soft and bubbly and lovely. They felt like a real treat to use.

Grace certainly seemed to approve (after carefully studying the label of course.)


Next we tried the Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion. Possibly the cutest name of a product ever? Grace and I have always enjoyed a bit of baby massage, so this too went down a treat. Non greasy and again, smelt fantastic.

Grace Cole who manufacture the range are keen to promote nurturing and bonding between baby and parents and have created the products with this in mind. They’ve also teamed up with daddy expert Dean Beaumont from Daddy Natal, the only fully qualified male Antenatal Educator in the UK to offer advice and encouragement to new Fathers for enjoying bath time with their babies. I just love this. Bath time was always daddy daughter time when Grace was new, and I can’t recommend it enough.

The three products we tried have quite rightly been shortlisted for the Practical Parenting &  Pregnancy magazine’s 2010/2011 Baby Skin care award. They retail from £4.00. Not the cheapest but certainly won’t break the bank and the quality is great. Best of all, for me anyway, they are free from Parabens, SLES, and artificial colours.

Personally, I think they’d make a fantastic gift set for new parents.( Look out for Hallmark’s ‘Night Night, Sweet Dreams’ gift book as an accompaniment to the range to promote a calm and relaxed bath-story-bed routine. )

There’s more information, tips, guidance and products on the website: http://www.foreverfriendsbaby.co.uk/ 

There is only one downside I’ve found and that’s with the shampoo. Like Grace, your toddler may get annoyed with you following them around and sniffing their hair.

P.S  I have received no money for this review. I have genuinely enjoyed these products. Bravo Grace Cole and Forever Friends.

P.P.S  Must go now to kill my husband for taking sneaky photo’s of my bangers in the bath! :-/


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2 responses to “Look what “Forever Friends” are up to . . .

  1. What a gorgeous review! Love it! Thanks so much x

  2. This product sounds fab, must try it on my little ones!! x

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