10 Free Things to do on a Rainy Day.

It’s piddling down. It has been all weekend and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, so here is a list of the top ten things I do with my daughter on a rainy day. Would love to hear what you guys get up to . . .

  1. Our house is never  without a roll of brown parcel paper, or spare newspaper. We roll/spread it out over the kitchen floor, get our old clothes on and let rip with the poster paints. ***TOP TIP*** Save the paper! It makes great home-made gift wrap.
  2. Dens! We have a little pop up tent (’cause we’re reet posh though, innit?) Prior to this, we turned the clothes horse on its side and draped it with blankets to make a den. Playing dens is DEAD good fun. I always hide something in it for Grace to find, even if it’s just one of her teddy’s wrapped up, or a snacky treat.
  3. Dance, dance, dance. Crank up that stereo and shake your booties like no-one’s watching! (Although it’s inevitable someone will walk past the window and see you doing the running man, but so what?
  4. Treasure hunt. You can tailor this to make it age appropriate. Grace is way to young to follow written  clues, but older kids can. I cover the kitchen or living room floor with upturned vessels of various types. Plant pots, plastic cups, toilet tubes, boxes, bowls etc, and make sure there’s something under each one. Usually something nice to eat, her farm animal toys, or best of all, I cut out different shapes that will make a picture when you stick them all together (which also provides a second activity.)
  5. Teddy Bears Picnic. Good fun for just you and the kids, but a great one for inviting little friends around. Make sure to ask them to bring their favourite teddy, and get the picnic blanket and tea set out. You can even make place cards for your teds as an extra crafty type activity.
  6. Wrap up well, on with the waterproofs, get outside and go splashing! The best bit about this is that once we’re home and dried off, I always feel justified in snuggling up with a hot chocolate and a Pepper Pig DVD.
  7. The Library. There’s no need to wait till they’re running a group. Libraries are free and fun. Grace can spend ages rifling through all the picture books.
  8. Dressing up. Yeeeah! LOVE it! All The Giblet needs to be entertained for an hour or so is a pile of hats, scarves, and shoes. She tries them on. She takes them off. She tries them on me. She takes them off me. She makes me try them on her. She shouts at me till I take them off again. You get the picture. Dolly and teddy are usually involved too.
  9. Cooking. Yep, even at 20 months, we enjoy getting messy with food. Sometimes it’s as simple as letting her (carefully) drop fruit into the blender, watch me whizz it, then help  pour into lolly moulds. Rice Crispy cakes are a classic too, can’t go wrong. Also, we make icing-sugar-and-water icing, to put on any pre-bought biscuits we happen to have in, then decorate with sprinkles and sweets.
  10. Cleaning. Stay with me here! If there’s housework to be done, Grace is more than happy to join in. You just have to make it fun with lots of claps and encouragement. She has a mini Dyson to join in when I vacuum (like I said – reet posh, us) her own little sweeping brush, and is even happy with a duster copying me wiping the coffee table. You get a few jobs done, she has fun. Everyone’s a winner. (If only it lasted into the teenage years.)

Things that nearly but didn’t quite make it into my Top Ten:

  • Leaving her with Grandma and going to the pub (Other half’s contribution)
  • Down-loading the Benny Hill chase theme tune on YouTube and running round the house. In all honesty, we do this onea lot. We have even roped in Grandparents which made 5 of us  (plus 2 giddy dogs) running in a line after Grace who found it hilarious. I have provided the link as every family should try this at least once. Do let me know how you get on!


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6 responses to “10 Free Things to do on a Rainy Day.

  1. like the other half’s contrib!! we have rain rain and more rain in france at the moment, so all the ‘indoor’ activity tricks are coming out of the sleeve…i am going out of my mind…….!!! i will do the benny hill chasse as a desperate measure tomorrow, i will even try and rope the chickens and the ducks into it….i’ll keep u posted…

    great blog!

    tams xxx

  2. OOoooh yes! You are THE perfect family for the Benny Hill style chase!!! 😀 ya gotta do it x

  3. Great ideas, I need to make a note of these to put up on my fridge for next rainy day.

    Also love the benny hill tip and can not imagine you all running around house to this!

  4. I like these, adding them to my list of things to do!

  5. Love you ideas 🙂 My 2 yearold loves cleaning with his mini dyson x

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