The Giblet’s talking is coming on in leaps and bounds. There’s a new word every day and I’m ab-so-lute-ly loving it! A toddler can make anything sound cute. I’ve blogged before about some of her little verbal adventures ( Welsh Train Stations and French Generals.) Also her obsession with the word ‘Daddy’ (used for anyone other than her actual father) is well documented in the Daddy’s Girl post.

 Now though, she has a real hunger for words. She watches mouths intently when they are speaking to her. She repeats, she sings, she chit-chats that adorable mixture of gibberish-with-the-odd-real-word-thrown-in and she gives herself a darn good clap and cheer after each little achievement. As things stand, it is probably only myself as the doting mother that can actually understand what she’s trying to say, so for the benefit of those that know her, and may want to know what the hell she’s talking about, here is the updated Gibby Dictionary. Or Gibtionary as I like to call it:

  • Peeeeeeeeeeeeeesh = Peas. This word has to last a minimum of 3 whole seconds, and HAS to be said crouching down with her hands stretched out and palms up. Why? I know not.
  • Soup = Soap.
  • ARSE! NOOSE! MOITH! = Eyes. Nose. Mouth. Must be shouted, and nearest person’s facial features must be violently prodded accordingly. 
  • Mimi = This is me, Mummy. Not a character from ‘ello ‘ello.
  • Buboos = Bubbles. The first syllable is pronounced in a ridiculously high pitch.
  • On . . . oo . . .  fwee . . .  GOOOOOOOOOO = One, two, three, GO. Each number is said with a careful nod of the head and precedes most activities including going down a slide, going down a step, reclining the sofa, splashing in the bath, racing the dog, throwing things, jumping on the spot, putting something in the bin etc.
  • Moo = Moo. A cow.
  • Rooaaaaah! = Roar. Any animal that is not a cow. Pigs, goats, rhino’s, and fish all roar in the world of Gibby and her set of toy animals.
  • Ishy Wishy = Incy Wincy – the infamous spider of spout-climbing notoriety.

It is a genuine pleasure watching this little person figure out her own way through the world of communication. I am treasuring each and every little sound that comes from that very kissable little mouth! (Although thinking about it, tantrums are exempt from that statement. Those are some noises I could definitely live without.)

To be continued . . .



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8 responses to “Gibtionary.

  1. Aw love it! Can imagine a little face getting her mouth round those words, beautifully captured. I should do one for my boy.

  2. Yey! You definately should – I’d love to read more toddler dictionaries! x

  3. That is hysterical, very very funny. Hubby and I are laughing very loudly out loud.

  4. Excellent! Like the others above, I laughed out loud. Can’t believe how similar my daughter’s vocab seems to be – complete with meaningful head bob to “on oo fweee gooo.” In addition to roaring, “ooof ooof ooof” is the default animal noise from a dog’s bark to a pidgeon’s coo. 😉 Looking forward to seeing updates on this!!!

  5. Motherporridge

    Ha ha love the roar for anything that’s not a cow – so true!

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