The John-Crane High Tea Shape Matching Set

I must admit, I was really looking forward to getting this particular product to review. It looked so lovely on the pictures I’d been sent. I must also further admit – I wasn’t disappointed. This toy is girly and pink and pretty and fun and from here on in, will be left out permanently whether she’s playing with it or not. This way, I hope to give the illusion to anyone who may visit that all Grace’s toys are of this caliber!

Let me introduce you to the High Tea Shape Matching Set made by John Crane Ltd (approx £23.95):

Now how pretty is that? And yes; it looks just as good in the flesh. The High Tea Set is made of wood and  comprises of the pastel pink cake stand  and 15 brightly painted, beautiful little wooden cakes to put on it. You can match the cakes either by shape, or by matching the numbers on the bottom of them to the numbers in the stand. The packaging was excellent and on opening the box, I got a lovely waft of that wood/fresh paint smell. Grace was impressed from the off. She crouched down next to me and literally went “Oooooooh” as we started to take out the pieces. The stand comes in 3 pieces. I managed to assemble it in about 20 seconds flat, very easily (which made me feel all DIY savvy as it involved ONE WHOLE SCREW and an ALLEN KEY! ***memo to me – may invest in a tool belt. I reckon I’d look good in a tool belt***)

Grace loved it! She is too young to use the numbers but thoroughly enjoyed putting the cakes in and out  . . . and in again . . . and out again . . . and in again . . . and out again. You get the idea. In fact the only drawback was the major wobbly she threw when it was time to stop playing and have lunch.

This toy has longevity. Right now, at 20 months, Grace finds it a bright and tactile shape sorter, and it’s good for her hand-eye co-ordination. As she grows, it will help with her number recognition and counting skills. When she’d older still, it’ll be wonderful playing tea parties, either just her, me and the toys, or with her friends around. (I can’t wait for a legitimate excuse to play proper tea-parties with her.)

The High Tea Shape Matching Set is available from all good toy stores including Dillon’s. If you fancy a look at John Crane’s products and what else is on the agenda for them, you can check out the blog, and follow them on twitter @johncraneblog or on Facebook.

So to sum up, a huge big thumbs up. A product of excellent quality, huge visual appeal, and darn good, girly fun. Cake anyone? More tea Vicar?


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4 responses to “The John-Crane High Tea Shape Matching Set

  1. A timely post for me! A friend of mine has this for her little girl and my son loves playing with it when we go to visit. I agree with you that it’s gorgeous, great quality and loads of educational value. I saw it on the Dillon’s website (via someone else’s blog) and was a bit cross about their “perfect for girls…”-type stuff in the blurb. I try to avoid gender stereotyping – but I’m still unsure whether to get this for him for his birthday next month. So with gender stereotyping in mind I clicked on your ‘must-have for little girls’ tweet – what a coincidence that it’s the same toy. I was literally just talking to my husband about it half an hour ago! So yes, after all that, I don’t know – still undecided whether to get it for my son!

  2. Ah – shame on me! You’re quite right! I say if he likes it, get him it. He may turn out to be the next super star chef so you never know? (Grace also has a tool box, toy cars and some toy soldiers her cousin outgrew, so go for it.) xxx

  3. great review!!!! love the High Tea set!

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