Itchy Von Klinkerhorn

Sometimes, I have written a post and sat on it for a while, unsure whether to make it public or not. It may be because it’s personal or emotional. It may be because it’s contraversial and I’m not sure how people will react. Well this post posed a similar dilemma for me but for different reasons. Do I, or do I not, show the world my other half as his secret alias – Itchy Von Klinkerhorn – in the Cardiff heats of the Official Air Guitar Championships?

Have you heard of a bucket list? It’s a kind of tick sheet of things you want to do before you die, and competing in a national Air Guitar competition just happened to be top of my husband’s. Not to sure what this says about him, or me for marrying him, but I suppose it’s more original than swimming with dolphins. (What is with that anyway? Why  not pick a blue whale or a giant squid or something a bit more kick-ass? Dolphins I am sure are  lovely, but come on people, a bit of imagination, eh?)

Anyhoo, I digress. We drove 200 miles through hellish traffic for 5 HOURS to get there, I left my baby girl for an entire night for the first time ever ( a whole other blog post,) paid for a hotel for the night, navigated through some very scary looking women in the hotel car park, and got through several pints of cider and shots of Jagermeister. All so my husband could put spandex on and pretend to play a guitar.

Now one hates to blow ones own trumpet. Or strum ones own imaginary instrument for that matter. But I reckon that makes me one very supportive Mrs!

And the outcome? Well, although he got through to round 2 – the head to head round – it was the local lad who won in the end. FIX! BOOOO!

On the plus side, the organisers liked him so much they offered him a place in the finals anyway. YEY! WOO HOOOO!

Most importantly though, it was a flippin CRACKIN night! Everyone should go do something stupid now and again, it’s good for you! ANd it’s even better if you can get it out the way when your kids are young enough not to be MORTIFIED!!!

For those who may be interested in this bizarre phenomenon, I give you  . . . Itchy Von Klinkerhorn! (and my embarrassing cheers from behind the camera!)   and a quick message from me to my amazing Itchy . . .



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5 responses to “Itchy Von Klinkerhorn

  1. Sounds like a fantastic night! Great video, never heard of an actual competion for air guitar 😀 Fab!

  2. Rockin’ drinks lots of laughs = a hell of a lot of fun! Love it!

  3. Motherporridge

    That is brilliant. Where did the name come from?

  4. . . . his strange, strange brain. The workings of which I have long since stopped trying to fathom! (In other words, came up with it tipsy and can’t remember how) x

  5. Big Bird Bolton

    Stu looked fabski !! and sounds like you had a great time. Happy sailing! Elaine x

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