Dirt Devil and Mr Stink

Daddy . . . ?

I’ve just got back from a day at The Lowry in Salford. The Giblet and I were kindly invited along to hear about some of the new Dirt Devil products, watch a few demo’s, and have a few sarnies. Then we got to watch Mr Stink, the  musical based on the comedian David Walliams’ children’s book. Good times.

The day started well. I had Grace looking well-groomed  and I met some other lovely mummy bloggers I felt like I already knew anyway.Things went a wee bit downhill when we got a drink, got seated and G is presented with a picture of Mr Stink (the tramp) to colour in. “Daddy!” She exclaims pointing excitedly at the picture. “Daddy, daddy, daddy.” Well goodness knows what fellow bloggers now think my other half must look like! Second little blip was the realisation that Gibby was to young to go with the other children for the arts and crafts session that was being laid on whilst we listen to the presentations. All in all, she didn’t do too badly bless her, but I largely have the Dirt Devil and Lowry staff to thank for that. God bless their infinite patience as she merrily tripped about shouting gibberish, tipping over displays and putting her plastic beads over their heads.

I’ll be honest. I was expecting a load of cheesy techno jargon from people trying to make vacuuming sound a lot sexier than it actually is. Not so. Credit where it’s due, these guys were likeable, succinct, and appreciated that cleaning is not the be all and end all. They’re just promoting stuff to make it a bit less tedious.

We heard about and saw demonstrations of 3 products. Now I’m sure very few of you want to read reams of vacuum information. I’m not Wilde. I can’t make any old thing sound deep and meaningful. So for your convenience, and  because I genuinely think they seem like good products, I’ve bullet pointed a few things:

First up, The Dirt Devil “Reach”

  • 2200w bagged cylinder vacuum.
  • A number of additional brushes including an intense Pet Hair Turbo Brush.
  • Includes Microban antibacterial technology in the filters and bags.
  • (This is the best bit) it has a 13 meter cleaning radius! Which means you can clean the whole house from one plug. Cool. It’s the length of 2 tennis courts for goodness sake. (I’d be going next door and offering to clean up just for the novelty!)
  • Costs £69.99.

 Here is a nice man demonstrating it:


What a big hose! ooooooh matron!

Next up, the Dirt Devil Easy Handheld:

  • Wall mounted, so continuous charging.
  • Dirt Devil’s most powerful handheld.
  • Attachments include: Motorised Intense Turbo Brush (as I wrote that, I said  it in my head like a deep-voiced Hollywood film trailer voice-over,) Dusting Brush, and Crevice Nozzle (snicker.)
  • The only handheld in the UK to include Microban to help kill bacteria.
  • Easy one-press canister removal.
  • Costs £59.99. I didn’t get a photo of this one being demonstrated. Yes, dear reader, I can sense your disappointment. But I was lucky enough to get one to take home. Although I like to profess to being to cool to be interested in cleaning, I have given it a quick go on our living room rug. Big thumbs up! I don’t want to encourage the family “tramp” image, but that rug is a bit of a dog hair magnet so this is perfect. Especially with the motorised intense turbo brush!! (mentally added a ninja-style back flip and karate hands that time.)

And last but not least, here is Michael Mcintyre  another nice man demonstrating the Dirt Devil Pure:

  • A bagless upright suitable for the entire home.
  • Intense Turbo Brush Attachment (Pyrotechnics aswell this time.)
  • High Powered, 1900w.
  • Folding handle (so easy to store) and washable HEPA filter.
  • 8m cleaning radius. Not sure how this compares with tennis courts but still pretty darn good!
  • Costs £79.99

All these products are available from Argos, Tesco and other good retailers. Me and the other mums were pretty impressed price-wise.

So, products done and buffet consumed, guess what happened next. . . I WON THE PRIZE DRAW! GET IN! I never win anything and was chuffed to pieces (as you can probably tell from this picture)

Woo hooooooooooooo!

 so I get family tickets to the Christmas show of my choice, which is fabulous. I’ve been to The Lowry to see several productions and it’s theatres are wonderful. It’s also full of exhibitions, events, child friendly stuff and places to eat. If you haven’t been it’s well worth a visit. The Christmas productions this year include the Snowman and Scrooge so I can’t wait for that.

And finally – Grace did REALLY well on her first ever theatre experience! She even placed a very well-timed “Uh-oh” when one of the characters had a bit of bad news. I think she may have slightly unnerved the young lady behind her by constantly turning in her chair during the slower bits and staring at her, but strawberry ice cream can work wonders in terms of behaviour control. Especially when eaten with hands!

It has to be said though, Mr Stink was flippin’  fantastic and held her interest really well considering she’s only 20 months old. I still feel a bit queazy from the revolting “scratch and sniff” booklet that accompanies the production, but it really was good fun and I recommend it highly.

At The Lowry until 14 August

Now, she may have turned up well-groomed, but Little Miss left ice-cream coated and somewhat dishevelled. So much so I wondered briefly if the nice Dirt Devil guys would give her a quick once over with the handheld before we left.

All in all, a great day. Dirt Devil seem very customer focused and welcome any feedback, questions or comments. You can check out their blog and website here, follow on Twitter @DirtDevilUK and they have a Facebook page on the way this month.

Must go now and vacuum the curtains. And the cushions. And the dogs . . . and the husband . . .

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