Ship Ahoy!

Our Ship - Whit Woo!

The bags are packed. The house\dog sitter’s are booked (God bless them and THANK YOU again!) Que Cliff Richard song: “We’re all going on a . . . ”

At the time this post is published, our little clan will be winging it’s way to Southampton to go on a CRUISE round Europe! GET US, EH?! This is not the norm I hasten to add. Stu and I never even got a honeymoon, we’ve had a couple of UK weekends away and that’s it. So, we’ve decided to treat ourselves, chosen a nice ship that should be easy to lower the tone of, and are speeding our merry way there forthwith. Yey.  

I hope it will be amazing, but the whole issue of the family holiday has brought forth to mind the following questions: 

  •  Does the fun and relaxation of a holiday really offset the stress, mania, rows, money and chaos that go into organising it?
  • Is there any man in existence that helps to pack for the kids?
  • Would we let a man for the kids even if they offered?
  • Will I get sea-sick like I did on North Sea Ferries when I was 14?
  • Does all-inclusive mean booze aswell?
  • What one massively important item am I bound to forget to pack?
  • Are we a bit to common to be going on a posh cruise?
  • Will I talk Stu out of taking his tatty old 5 ft long rucksack, and into buying a nice suitcase. (Just to minimise the chances of the previous question being a ‘yes’)
  • As all the food is pre-paid, just how big will I be after two weeks?

I shall return dear reader, and provide you with the answers to these conundrums. In the meantime, there’ll be some scheduled posts to keep the ol’ bloggy blog nice and fresh for you. Now how considerate is that? Maybe I’ll even get chance to write and post a bit whilst we’re away, but hopefully not. I shall be far to busy being cultured and chic-ly floating around Rome or Provence being all fabulous and continental.

Must go and practice my French now . . .



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2 responses to “Ship Ahoy!

  1. Wow! Now that’s what I call a holiday!! I hope you all have a wonderful time.XX

  2. Wahoo! Now I have heard a couple of people recently talking about family cruises and yes they are a pricey initial outlay but wow, what a holiday! Have a fabulous time!

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