The Karma of Kids

Some would call it karma. Some would call it inevitable. Some would simply call it life. There is a  trade-off when we take on the role of parent that goes something like this: 

 Child is gained – dignity is lost.

Allow me to illustrate my point. Since having Grace I have:

  • Sung all kinds of silly songs (usually involving a variety of actions) loudly, unashamed and in very public places.
  • Gone to work unknowingly sporting Petite Filous stains on my crotch which looks highly suspect.
  • Played peek-a-boo/hide and seek in inappropriate places. Banks, churches, high brow designer shops and houses of people I don’t know to name but a few.
  •  Had my bra exposed to a TV salesman mid tantrum.
  • Had my left boob exposed to a jacuzzi full of gentlemen with special needs (long story, documented in a previous post, here.)
  • Answered the door to the postman forgetting that I had allowed Grace to put bright red lipstick all over my face.
  • Answered the door to some charity guy forgetting I was wearing yellow pipe-cleaner antennae.

The list is not definitive, there are more I’ve covered in previous posts (Giving the Finger and WASSAT? being prime examples) and I’ve no doubt, many MANY more still to come.

So what, as responsible, mature parent figures can we do to preserve our dignity?


Who needs dignity anyway?!



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2 responses to “The Karma of Kids

  1. haha! every word TRUE!

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