Maclaren Sunshade Review

So before I went away on holiday I promised I would be putting the Maclaren Sunshade through its paces. Well, mission accomplished. The sunshade has accompanied us for over 4500 miles, been in 5 different countries, and successfully shaded my little girl through very long, very hot days.

In my opinion it’s far better than a parasol because it becomes an extension of the hood and provides extra protection from the sun.

Made from water resistant fabric, the Maclaren Sunshade provides 99% UVA and UVB protection. Good times.

Yes, our pram came with a built in  sunshade, but in places like Rome and Provence in full summer heat and brightness, it would have had to be pulled fully over her face and shoulders to be effective. This means she wouldn’t have seen anything and her legs would have been exposed. This in turn means one hot and bothered toddler kicking off.

The Sunshade is designed to fit most umbrella-fold prams and all Maclaren buggies. Our pram is not a Maclaren but it was a perfect fit. My husband popped it out the bag (it honestly is easy to fold back up – unlike the many hours I’ve spent wrestling my pop-up tent!) and it took him a total of about 30 seconds to figure it out. Admittedly, I may have taken a smidge longer, but I took on the far more important role of review photographer.

The shape once it’s out the bag very obviously lends itself to going one way over the top of your pram. There are two loops at the back that go over your handles, and two Velcro straps to fix it to the sides.


Done. Sorted. Bob’s your uncle. In all honestly, I’d braced myself for something a lot more faffy but I was pleasantly surprised.


Most importantly, it did the job it was designed for. Grace had a perfect view of her continental new world, and stayed shaded. Happy Grace, happy Mummy.

Here we are modelling it in Lisbon. . . ah was it only last week? ***Turns head mournfully and watches the rain****


And here’s the husband and buggy outside the big statuey thing that’s very famous. MAN I’m so cultured. Big innit?!


So a big thumbs up to Maclaren. Holidays are always hard work with a little one and exposure to sun a constant worry. I wouldn’t be without this product now in the hot weather. (Can’t see that we’ll be using it any time soon now we’re back in Bolton though.)

The Maclaren Sunshade is available from Mothercare and independent nursery stores with an RRP of around £25.


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3 responses to “Maclaren Sunshade Review

  1. Looks brilliant; it really cast a big shadow over her protecting her from the sun didn’t it? Brilliant!

  2. Wish I had known about this shade – being in HOT HOT Andalucia it would be perfect for my little demon

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