The Holiday Blog.

I feel I have recovered sufficiently from my holiday enough to blog about it. As you may or may not know, we sailed forth from Southampton on a two-week cruise around Europe. Here’s what was good about it:

  • The ship. It was like a floating town. Water park, shops, bars, air-conditioned cabin, bars, theatre, ice-rink, bars. Did I mention there were bars?
  • The waiting staff. Rogelio (best said in a broad Bolton accent we found) and Michael. Michael turned out to be Grace’s first proper two syllable word. She LURVED him!

  • Watching the amazing sunsets from one side of the ship . . .

. . . then  watching the moon from the other.

  • The monkeys in Gibraltar. They were everywhere. One jumped into the taxi through the window, and one rubbed it’s bum on Stu’s head (which was brilliant.) Every holiday should involve monkeys. Look how happy they make the Giblet!

  • We saw the leaning tower of Pisa. (It’s a tower that leans. I felt slightly uncultured not being moved by it more, but there you go.) We also saw inside the Colosseum . . . now that was VERY spine-tingly cool. Grace was rendered speechless by the steeped-in-history atmosphere and amazing architecture (except for when she pointed to a Roman Pigeon  and said “Wack wack.”)

  • The inspiring, funny, kind and most down to earth family I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I don’t know how they’d feel about being on the internet for all to see, so I haven’t put a photo on, but if you’re reading this guys – it was truly a pleasure. I hope we see you soon, and Grace misses you!
  • Corsica. It’s beautiful! I’d urge anyone to have a holiday there and can’t wait to re-visit. Grace had her first ever swim in the sea. Here’s a very cute picture of her:
  • Laughing my ass off when Stu fell off cheering Stu when he was on the Surf Machine.
  • The food. I am twice the size. Worth every extra cm!
  • The crazy violin man in Spain with half mast pants that played the same some song all day, never lost enthusiasm, and shouted “OLE!” at the end of every line.
  • Gibby turned into the cutest thing on 2 legs ever. Cutey cute McCuteyson. I shall blog further about this separately. There’s just too much cuteness oozing forth to fit into one post!

Now here’s what wasn’t so good about it . . .

  • The fact that we only booked this holiday because of the Creshe facility and baby-sitting service that the travel rep assured us they had. I love my baby girl more than anything but really wanted some time with Stu on this holiday. We were told on boarding, that the creshe was only for over 3’s and, we never got a babysitter as it was run on a first-come-first-serve basis. I’m currently waiting for a response to a rather harshly worded letter regarding this!
  • The fact that Gibby pooed on the cabin carpet on day one, and then trod it in everywhere. I mean everywhere. I’ll bet the cleaner just LOVED us (felt compelled to leave him quite a generous tip.)
  • The shifty guys with gold teeth on the train in Italy that kept trying to get money from us.
  • The fact that G would NOT sit nicely and eat a meal. Ever. The best compromise we reached seemed to be letting her run laps round the table and having  a spoon of food at the ready for when she passed you – pit stop stylee.
  • The way-too-overly-tanned guy in his 50’s lying opposite my sun-lounger in tiger-print tight trunks with his FULL LEFT BOLLOCK hanging out. It makes me cringe just to write about it ***shudder*** I am happy to report there is NO photo to share (although if it was up to my husband then there would be!)

So to sum up – before we set off, on a previous blog post, I had a list of pre-cruise questions I had been pondering. For those few of you that read them  here is said list re-printed with answers now supplied:

  •  Does the fun and relaxation of a holiday really offset the stress, mania, rows, money and chaos that go into organising it?


  • Is there any man in existence that helps to pack for the kids?

             My guess is no, but feel free to prove me wrong!

    • Would we let a man for the kids even if they offered?



      • Will I get sea-sick like I did on North Sea Ferries when I was 14?



      • Does all-inclusive mean booze aswell?

  No. Booooo.

  • What one massively important item am I bound to forget to pack?

                Nail clippers. Could’ve been worse, but I still have scratches!

      • Are we a bit to common to be going on a posh cruise?

  On my God, no! It’s a strange experience, dining somewhere with the grandeur of the Titanic, 5* food, being  treated like royalty by the staff, then hearing the vastly overweight Brummy family in T-shirts on the table next to you say the menu’s crap and ask for kids nuggets! I am not making generalisations – this really happened.


  • Will I talk Stu out of taking his tatty old 5 ft long rucksack, and into buying a nice suitcase?           

               Yes. Not that it mattered after all!

    • As all the food is pre-paid, just how big will I be after two weeks?

               I’m giving that Brummy family a run for their money!

Untill next time . . .

Au Revoir, arrivederci, Chau, ta ta!



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2 responses to “The Holiday Blog.

  1. I just laughed out load at the left bollock comment – hope that didn’t spoil your holiday too much!
    After a holiday with kids I think parents should be allowed to have a week away on their own to recover!

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