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Grandma We Love You!

Do you know what the greatest song in the world is? I do. I found out last Friday. It’s not a rock anthem, or an indie classic. It’s not R&B or some hard-hitting gangster rap. It’ s not a love song, a classical piece, or a swing thing. It is in fact: (Drumroll . . . ) Continue reading


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Gibtionary, 2nd edition.

A while ago, I posted the Gibtionary. A comprehensive list of words (or sounds resembling words) with translations, of all the little verbal conquests of the Giblet.  Back then, Grace had got her teeny tongue around quite a few different words. Well, she continues to consistently babble her own special brand of Gibberish, but with proper attempts at vocabulary becoming more prevalent, and the toddler twaddle diminishing.

So here’s the latest. Precious memories for me, and a handy reference for those who know her: Continue reading


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A Very Odd Manicure and Winnie Little.

It’s been a funny old week. Involving deaf cats and various missions under the cover of darkness – SAS stylee by yours truly.

Mission one: (Please begin to play the theme tune from “Mission Impossible” in your head. I’m not techno enough to get it to play on here.)

It’s the middle of the night. A lone figure slips between the shadowy depths of the sleeping house, slowly pushes back the door of the nursery, and crawls stealthily inside. Continue reading


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Why does she insist on pulling out my pony tail every time I wear one?

Why is it she’ll turn her nose up at my home-made cottage pie, yet she’s happy to eat a Pedigree Schmacko? Continue reading


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Dirt Devil Easy Handheld

Remember when the lovely people at Dirt Devil gave me a free hand-held vacuum? (I wrote about it here if you’d like your memory jogged.)

Well I’ve had chance to use it a fair few times now and thought I’d let you know how it’s working. Continue reading

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Dr Gibble and Miss Hyde.

Approaching two can be a lovely age. Cuteness is prevalent, affection is rife, and all is lovely, gibbly, toddly, wonderfulness . . . some of the time.

Then, a transformation can occur in the space of a nanosecond and it’s out with the cuteness, singing, and cuddles and in with the screaming (oh God the screaming) the throwing things, and the diva-ish, overly dramatic throw-myself-on-the-floor act. Continue reading


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