Dirt Devil Easy Handheld

Remember when the lovely people at Dirt Devil gave me a free hand-held vacuum? (I wrote about it here if you’d like your memory jogged.)

Well I’ve had chance to use it a fair few times now and thought I’d let you know how it’s working. “Brilliantly” would be the short answer. I’ve had hand-helds before and they’re nearly always disappointing. They give up way too quickly and usually just when you only have a little bit left to do. “Pleeeease keep going” we pray to the God of the hand-held vacuum as the noise slowly descends and half of what you’ve sucked up commits suicide and throws itself back out onto the floor/sofa/stairs.

I can honestly say that this one is top-notch! We have a large rug on oak floors that needs doing most days as it’s a fluff magnet. Not only that, we have two large breed dogs and a cat. The Dirt Devil Easy Handheld has an attachment that really seems to give a good deep clean. I wrote all about it here so take a look for all the techno details/Microban info.

So that’s my feedback. Great little product. If you’re after a handheld vacuum, I can genuinely recommend this one.


Costs £59.99

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