Gibtionary, 2nd edition.

A while ago, I posted the Gibtionary. A comprehensive list of words (or sounds resembling words) with translations, of all the little verbal conquests of the Giblet.  Back then, Grace had got her teeny tongue around quite a few different words. Well, she continues to consistently babble her own special brand of Gibberish, but with proper attempts at vocabulary becoming more prevalent, and the toddler twaddle diminishing.

So here’s the latest. Precious memories for me, and a handy reference for those who know her:

Stowbee – Strawberry.

Bish – fish.  We’re having trouble with Fs.

Beet – feet (see above.)

Fuffs – the dandelion clock flower thingies that you blow all the seeds from. Very cute.

Mumeh – What was previously “mimi” and should be “Mummy” is now pronounced in the broadest Bolton accent EVER!

NnnnnnnnnnnAMarrrrrr! – Grandma. Mostly said with a huge build up and emphasis on the “AM” sound in the middle.

Mac – Milk.

Spashy – Splashy. This particular noun covers puddles, running taps, baths, showers, and deliberately upturned drinks in order to manufacture her own puddle.

Bye Bye – Self explanatory but essential when leaving anyone or anything behind. Yesterday at the park “Bye bye Spashy” was spluttered out amidst floods of tears when I removed her from a puddle after 20 minutes or so of splashing. Leaving the house typically involves the following diatribe: “Bye bye Fizz, bye bye Gabbar”, (Fizz and badger – the dogs) “bye bye bish, bye bye cat, bye bye book, bye bye stowbee, bye bye Daddy.” In that order! Bye bye is also used when she wants me to go away, with accompanying wave.

Erriot – Her friend Elliot. We are also having trouble with the letter L.

Heron – Her Great Aunty Helen (see above.)

Pump – The bodily function of flatulence – whenever it occurs – must apparently be announced to whoever may be in earshot, loudly and immediately.

Boobiiieeeees! – A current obsession with Mummy’s busters. So like her Dad in so many ways . . .

Foo-er – Flower.

Bic Bic? – The question mark is here as this is usually a request, made whilst staring up at me with big blue eyes and pointing innocently to the biscuit tin. This is probably the only thing on the list I dread hearing. A positive response makes for a very happy little Giblet. A “No” is the beginning of the end of the world.

Down! Sty! Seet! – Down! stay! sit! A veritable Barbara Woodhouse, but disappointingly, the dogs have yet to pay any attention to these heartfelt commands.

Bot – Boat.

Yep – it feels like there’s something new everyday. The cool thing is, she’s picking up some signs too now. Bot, Foo-er and Stowbee are always signed which I’m really chuffed with (seeing it’s what I do for a living.)


 I’ve no doubt that the second I publish this post I’ll think of a whole lot more, but that’ll do for now.  In the mean time, keep on blathering baby girl – you’re doing great!

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7 responses to “Gibtionary, 2nd edition.

  1. She’s so clever! I love the development of their speech

  2. He he, LOVE this! It’s such a great store of memories. DD’s speech amazes me everyday. She comes out with phrases and I have no idea where she heard them. I really must start writing them down too 😀

  3. Michelle

    Its so adorable isnt it?! Gracie is starting to lose a lot of these now and it makes a bit sad that she’s growing up so quickly. You’ve inspired me to write a list of hers too so we remember in the future. My fave (and the most random!) was “pisher” for her bottle/milk but she doesn’t say it any more. Funny though, she also has to say bye bye to EVERYTHING when she leaves – seems they share more than just a name and a temper! xxx

    • Oh brilliant! You should definately write a list – EVen looking back at some older blog posts makes me realise how quickly you forget things. Also – I’d love to read it. They’re just so flippin CUTE (most of the time anyway!) Hope you’re all doing well xxx

  4. Awww clever girl!! I would like a bic bic too 🙂

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