Grandma We Love You!

Do you know what the greatest song in the world is? I do. I found out last Friday. It’s not a rock anthem, or an indie classic. It’s not R&B or some hard-hitting gangster rap. It’ s not a love song, a classical piece, or a swing thing. It is in fact: (Drumroll . . . )

The demo tune on my father-in-law’s keyboard. Fact.

Well, it is according to Grace and her Grandparents anyway. You see Grandma looks after her for me on a Friday, and singing and dancing take up a vast majority of the day. Andre Rieu features regularly, as does the River Dance music, Neil Diamond and the Rod Stewart  swing albums. However, NOTHING provokes a reaction quite like hitting that little red keyboard  button that duly churns out some generic, electronic awfulness. Both Grandparent and Grandchild spring immediately to their feet, laugh and clap and freestyle away. Bizarre.

We all had our tea together there last week. A lovely, filling home-cooked meal, cheesecake and fruit and a nice cuppa to finish off with. We flopped on the sofas afterwards. After a very early morning, a tough day at work and a big hearty tea, it was hard not to drift off. We’re all chatting away about our day, when Grace toddles over and hits the infamous red button. The effect is amazing. Grandma, Grandad, and Grace leap up and all dance away together. Stu and I can only look on stunned as they carry on the conversation with us as if nothing had changed.

We didn’t get away with it for long.

“UP MUMMY! UP DADDY!” Grace is pulling us up off the sofa by the hand and will not be appeased untill we are all dancing away in the living room to this incredibly irritating tune.

It is on repeat.

After several repeated plays, Stu and I are flagging. How come the In-Laws have so much energy? They’re still chatting and dancing away vigorously and Grace is delighted, stomping around and clapping hands with glee. A couple walk past the window and stare in with a look of confused horror. It’s not till they’ve passed I realised that they can’t see Grace because of the furniture. Anyone passing by will see four grown adults standing in a circle, in a living room, dancing. Two with gusto, two sporting a kind of “Kill-me-now” expression.

Eventually, I give up and flop back down on the sofa. “How on earth do you guys keep going like that?” I ask.

“WE TAKE GINSENG!” Cries Grandma waving her arms with glee. This gets a round of applause from Grace and the dancing continues.  

I love the child/grandparent relationship. I only have my mother-in-law to help with Little Un and I am eternally grateful that we get on so well, that she and Grace adore each other so  much, and that she’s so bonkers (in a very, very good way.)

So although our taste in music may clash a little, and although some nights I can’t get that ******* Yamaha demo song out of my head, I wouldn’t change it for the world. In fact, I MUST get some of this dancing footage on film so when she’s a teenager and mortified at our attempts at dancing, I can remind her just how much she used to love it!

****Memo to me – add GINSENG to shopping list.****


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4 responses to “Grandma We Love You!

  1. Mum and Dad have the most annoying ‘Billy Bass’ in the bar and Ali insists on making it sing and having to dance to it…….over and over and over……so I know how you feel…….

  2. Mrs Simm

    Remember the ‘Emily’ dance Mint?? It still works to this day!! Perhaps I should remind our Emily of this as she is 17 years old in a few weeks…scary!!

  3. I couldn’t comment the other night but this post had me spluttering into my tea! Once more, such a vivid description and knowing all parties involved makes it all the more funny! Love it!!

  4. very funny! well done on a great writing style!

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