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Bugger, bollocky, bum and back to reality with a bang! (Check THAT for alliteration Mr G – old english teacher who said I wouldn’t amount to much! And while you’re at it, check out my last blog post whilst I blow you a big fat raspberry . . . BBLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!) Continue reading


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I Got Published Today!

Today, I had a book published. A book based on the entries from the very blog you are reading now.

Wow. Continue reading


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Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend

Pooh Bears have changed considerably over the years. When I heard that Worlds Apart were sending Gibby and I a Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend to review, my husband’s reaction was thus: Continue reading

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Keep calm and carry on?

What’s that I see approaching on the horizon? Ah yes. . . that’ll be my wit’s end, and I’m nearly at it. Fellow parents, friends and followers, mothers of the world: HELP! Continue reading


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The Gym . . . Part Two

I know you guys have been on the edge of your seat since reading The Gym part one. Wondering how I’ve got on since joining, how buff I am now, am I enjoying it, have I lost weight etc. Well here it is folks, sit back, grab a cuppa, and enjoy . . .

The Gym . . . Part Two.

  • Had induction.
  • Quit.

Now where’s that Toblerone. . . ?

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We went to the doctors today. Grace has had a temperature on and off for nearly a week, is lethargic. has puffy eyes, and is generally just not herself. Poor little Giblet. So when I noticed a rash all over her chest and back – well –  definitely time for the GP. Continue reading


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Tights Please

My baby girl looks SO cute in her Tights Please tights! Continue reading

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Strange Happenings . . .

Bit of a weird day today. Not for any major reason, just a series of slightly odd happenings. It stared off in the early hours of the morning, whilst sat on the toilet in the half-light, mid-ablutions. I reached down to stroke Winnie, our lovely little black cat who’s crouched beside my feet.

Only she isn’t.

I am in fact stroking a pair of my husbands dirty boxers, casually strewn on the bathroom floor. . . Ew.

Odd thing number two: Continue reading


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