Strange Happenings . . .

Bit of a weird day today. Not for any major reason, just a series of slightly odd happenings. It stared off in the early hours of the morning, whilst sat on the toilet in the half-light, mid-ablutions. I reached down to stroke Winnie, our lovely little black cat who’s crouched beside my feet.

Only she isn’t.

I am in fact stroking a pair of my husbands dirty boxers, casually strewn on the bathroom floor. . . Ew.

Odd thing number two: Grace spends the entire morning talking through gritted teeth. What’s that about? It’s like trying to parent Wallis (of Wallis and Gromit.) It lasted solidly for approximately 2 and a half hours, then PING – back to normal. No sign of this bizarre verbal phenomenon before or since.


Odd thing number 3: I freaked out this evening as there was a weird creature in the front garden. Grace was snoozy on my lap so I couldn’t get up from the sofa to have a proper look, but I could just make it out through the window, and it really did spook me. It was getting dark so I couldn’t see much, and at first I thought it was a cat, but it started to move about in such a curious way that I actually got a bit creeped out. It was only the size of a cat and light in colour, but it’s arms came out to the side like a humans and it head kept nodding at me. I strained like mad to see it more clearly,  hoping that the harder I looked, the quicker something obvious would materialise. However, the more I stared the more freakish it got. Starting to panick a bit and with brief ideas of alien invasions springing to mind, I shouted for Stu to come through from his office and pointed it out in a bit of a tiz.

Stu was very patient in his explanation of the fact that In The Night Garden was on the TV, and I was in fact seeing a reflection of Makka Pakka. He then passed me my glasses, and affectionately called me a moron before going back to his work.

No more weird things today please. Or maybe I just need a bit more sleep and a bit less red wine of an evening?



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7 responses to “Strange Happenings . . .

  1. Very random but very funny!!! :o)

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  3. bit more red wine me thinks..!!! freaky things in the air at the moment…iggle piggle being one of the freakiest!!

    another fab one….

    lots of love, tams xxx

  4. Hee hee, I often think I see things like that too. And it’s not the red wine, honestly it’s not…(oh well, ok perhaps it might be just a little bit :D)

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