Tights Please

My baby girl looks SO cute in her Tights Please tights!

Best thing about them? They’re pretty and girly and gorgeous without a hint of pink/princesses/glitter! I was quite chuffed with this design when they arrived as I think G really suits the colours, and  it’s hard to find pretty things in blue.

I made sure I gave these a good ol’ test run. They have been worn and washed a few times now and still look brand spanky new. No saggy knees, not misshapen, and no bobbles! (my own personal pet hate.)

Tights Please have a HUUUUUUUGE selection of tights for little and big legs. Over 20,000 in fact as well as stockings, leggings, leg-warmers etc. This particular pair come in the Bluebell,  and charcoal and retail at £4.99. Bargain. (And for the more girly amongst you – yes, they do pink stuff too.)

You can check out the other designs here.

I must admit, I’ve ordered a few pairs for myself – ha ha! Mummy actually gets a treat! And a few more children’s pairs as stocking fillers for people. “Stocking” fillers – see what I did there?

So it’s a good verdict from “Water Birth Please” to “Tights Please”  . . . and please don’t judge me for starting my Christmas shopping so early.


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  1. I am in need of some new tights and I am not a fan of pink (for me or my daughter!) Love the ones in the pic. Will check it out.

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