I have agreed to big-up a toy company on the blog today. Nope – they’re not paying me to do so, it’s just that I’m a sucker for traditional wooden toys, and Sevi do them beautifully (as well they should – they’ve been doing it since 1831!) As regular readers know, only if it’s a genuinely good product  am I genuinely happy to write about it.

I’ve picked two things to mention that I have just ordered for the Water Birth Please household. Firstly, although we’re not religious, I think that if your going to “do” Christmas than the wee one should know where it came from. With that in mind, we’re getting her this absolutely charming wooden nativity set:

All together now “Awaaaaay in a maaaanger . . .”

Secondly (and I really love this) as tooth brushing time is becoming a bit of an issue, we’re giving the following a try:

A lovely idea I think you’ll agree. With Christmas coming up, I’d urge anyone buying for little ones to take a look for Sevi at the John Crane website or the Facebook page where there’s a plethora of gorgeous toys to choose from and price details.

Bring back the traditional toys say I! I’m SICK of batteries running out!

Sevi and John Crane Toys found me through Bloggermatch



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3 responses to “Sevi

  1. Those are both adorable toys. I love the second one! I hope the second one works for brushing teeth.

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