Happy Birthday Grace!

Grace turned two years old last Friday. Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. The past two years have been the steepest learning curve of my life, but they have also brought with them an overwhelming sense of pride and love for you.  Two years gone on our adventure together. Two years to watch you grow into the pretty, headstrong, giggling, dancing, feisty little girl we share our lives and our hearts with. Two things that are prevalent in my thoughts tonight: and I felt the need to write about them.

1 – How to slow time down. Because (cliché alert) it really does go too fast. It’s times like this I am so pleased I started my blog – I have the memories to look back over.

and 2  . . .

 . . . why is Grace in love with a giant inflatable octopus? 

Yep – serious part over, i’d best move onto the random occurings that seem to be so frequent in the Water Birth Please domain. Let me explain:

Grace carries her giant purple octopus balloon everywhere by his long purple string. She dances with him, pretends to feed him from a spoon and makes him drink pretend cups of tea from her play kitchen. She has a massive strop that borders on panic if her eight legged companion is removed, even slightly momentarily from her sight.


So how did this bizarre coupling come about I hear you ask? Twas the genius idea of mine to throw a Pirate themed party for Gibby’s second birthday. Me being me, the “just a couple of friends and a Jolly Rodger flag or two, I’m not going to any trouble” idea swiftly gathered momentum and became a house-full of Pirate mentalness, impromptu live music jams and aquatic chaos. Tell you what though, it were a crackin’ do! (Despite the fact that the birthday girl fell flat on her face whilst out with her Daddy about an hour before everyone was due to arrive. As a result of landing on the piece of tree bark she was clutching at the time, they arrived home from their walk with Grace sporting a very authentic looking Pirate scar on her cheek.) This aside, nautical nonsense reined supreme and a good time was had by all, as demonstrated here by my little dancing Pirate:


The Octopus was part of the decor. We had other inflatable sea-life, a pirate ship, and about a million skull and crossbones balloons. These however pale into insignificance when compared to the wonder that is the Octopus balloon.

She was thrilled when the inflatables first arrived and I loved that she was so excited by them. However, my suspicions of an unhealthy attachment were first aroused when  First Mate Gibby woke us at ten to three in the morning screaming for him. “OCTRUSS! OCTRUSS!” I staggered sleepily into the nursery to find her thoroughly upset, standing bolt upright in bed with her little hands thrust to one side, fingers wiggling furiously. This is Mr Tumbles fault. His demonstration of the sign for Octopus on the CBeebies website  is also a firm favourite with her. No amount of shushing and coaxing back to bed seemed to work. “OCTRUSS OCTRUSS OOOOOCTRUUUUUS!”

“Right, FINE!”

I storm down the stairs and drag the flaming thing back up to Grace’s room. She is instantly happy again. “Aahhhh. Hiya octruss” she says, and happily snuggles back down. I look on incredulously as she contentendly sucks her thumb whilst the two foot long, helium-filled monstrosity bobs about directly over her bed. Weird.

I’m not sure what to do now. Octo-beast is starting to sag a wee bit – she’ll be gutted if he deflates! I’ve heard of parental strategies for toddlers who are too attached to their dummy. Something along the lines of a “dummy fairy” coming to collect it. Likewise with comfort blankets.


Would I get away with inventing an Inflatable Octopus Fairy?  Or maybe I should cut the purple string, and we can all wave goodbye as he floats up to Mollusc heaven? ***sniff***

It’s not really what I expected to be reflecting on after my baby girls birthday celebrations, but hey ho. Such is the way with toddlers.



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12 responses to “Happy Birthday Grace!

  1. Awww Happy Birthday gorgeous Grace!

    Hurrah for Octruss – so strange what our children fixate on. MC has adopted a Melissa and Doug toy terrier this week that she hasn’t even looks at since we bought it for her last Christmas. BUT she keeps calling him ‘Bullseye’ and trying to ride him like a horse!

    Children are random.


  2. Love it Minty!

    Must be something to do with our little ones sharing the same birthday!!! Alejandro is mad on ‘pulpo’ – he can’t say octupus but he knows the word in Spanish!!!……he has a little book with a few sea creatures in and usually points to the pictures and makes me make the noise! I think my impression of the ‘pulpo’ makes him laugh the most hence why it is normally that one he points to!!!

    I have an image in my mind of your octopus getting smaller and smaller!!! he he!!!

    Happy Birthday Grace x

  3. Ha ha great post! I am so sorry I missed the whole pirate theme but my two had a great time so thank you so much! Especially thanks for the dairy free platter for Luka! And I’m so glad Grace had a lovely birthday

  4. There’s only one thing for it. You’re going to have to buy loads of inflatable Octrusses and hide them in the cupboard for when the current Mr Octruss dies. Sounds so adorable she’s in love with it. Hehe!! And Hally Birthday to her!!

  5. Elaine Livingstone

    what a beautiful young lady your daughter is…and love the blog, will need to follow you and see how you go

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