Me Finder – Safety for your Child

Me Finder
LOVE this product! The people at Me Finder have sent us their fab little ID straps to try out. It comes in three designs. Grace likes the monkey the best (appropriately) but we also have a very pink, very girly flower design.
Here’s the thing: They look like a bright and colourful watch for you toddler or little one, but they don’t tell the time. Instead, they will display up to 5 different names and phone numbers, providing a little peace of mind for when you’re all out and about.
There are a couple of things that I feel they maybe missed a bit of a trick on – I’d love for the face to light up for example. And programming it proved trickier than I’d imagined (although that was probably my own fault for thinking I could do it without the instructions. Once I’d read them it only took a few minutes.) You can also check out how it’s done on YouTube so don’t be a hero people – watch the clip!
That said however, there’s no denying that this is a great idea. Grace feels very grown up in her new accessory.
 “Mummy look – monkeeeey! HIYA MONKEY!”
An older child can be taught and encouraged to show the Me Finder to someone appropriate should they get lost – something I’ll be drilling into Grace when she has a better verbal understanding of things, and the product does come with tips and advice for child safety. I know I feel a little better when I see “Mummy” and my phone number on her wrist. Especially this time of year when the crowds are rife.
I’ll be getting a couple more as I think they’ll make great little Christmas presents. They retail at  about  £14.99 and you can find out a bit more and purchase them here.

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  1. nothing instils panic in you more than losing your child. My son was 6 and he wandered out the door of Boots to play in the snow, says he didnt know he was doing anything wrong, took my eyes off him for a few seconds, …didnt know whether to batter him or hug him when we got him back…whole shopping mall was on full alert with security every where….little sh*t, they are a fab idea but truly hope you never need to use it is all I can say.

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