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The Great God Debate

I was christened but I’m not a practising Christian. At present, I hold no religious beliefs. I have no qualms in sharing this with anyone, and I have never faced hostility in publicly airing these non-beliefs. As the world’s scientific knowledge increases, it would seem that so do our options in terms of what we do or don’t believe in. There seems to be a new wave of atheism ever growing in numbers these days:  Atheists that are perhaps guilty of preaching about the ridiculousness of believing in a higher power just as vehemently as any religious preacher promotes his own cause.  Continue reading


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My Best Book About Me

I’ve started several baby books since Grace was born.  Several, because I never really found one I was happy with: one that reflected the quirky nature of our little Miss. I either found them too twee, too Americanised, too detailed or not detailed enough.
Then I saw “My Best Book About Me” by designer and illustrator Terese Oman , and fell a little bit in love with it.


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Little Things Can Be Soon Forgotten.

It occurred to me recently that the negative stuff is all too easy to blog about. It’s therapeutic to release a rant isn’t it? To share in despair? To moan about our offsprings latest antics and to, well, let off a little steam? Tonight’s post was going to be about the trouble we’re having potty training Grace at the moment (and don’t get me wrong, I will be addressing this on the blog very shortly). One of the nice things about venting our struggles on-line is the unconditional and instant support and advice we get form an army of lovely on-line Mums and Dads . Sometimes, it’s a total stranger that will understand the most exactly how you feel, or know just the right thing to say.   BUT! As I hovered over my key-pad ready to let rip about the potty fiascoe,  a wave of guilt flooded over me and I had a re-think. Continue reading


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Happy New Year …

Happy New Year lovely readers! How fitting that my 100th post ***fanfare please*** should start with the the very first words I ever wrote on Water Birth Please. Yes, a full year has passed and been documented here on my humble little site. My plan for the big 100th was to tell you about our Christmas, and although I would love nothing more than to recount a tale of log fires, gifts greeted with the innocent glee of a child, and loving family Christmas-card-picture cosiness, it didn’t all pan out that way: Continue reading


January 8, 2012 · 10:04 pm