My Best Book About Me

I’ve started several baby books since Grace was born.  Several, because I never really found one I was happy with: one that reflected the quirky nature of our little Miss. I either found them too twee, too Americanised, too detailed or not detailed enough.
Then I saw “My Best Book About Me” by designer and illustrator Terese Oman , and fell a little bit in love with it.
The story goes that Terese had given up on ever finding the perfect gift for new parents. What she was looking for was a baby book, like the one she had in the 70’s, only more modern. Finally, she decided: “I’ll just do it myself” and the result is sooooooo cool, and completely unisex.
“My Best Book About Me” asks all the mandatory baby-book questions, but goes on to allow you to paint a real picture of what life was like when your little one was born. What books/TV programmes and clothes were in fashion, how much a loaf of bread costs, politics, world events and even exercise fads.  
This is an inspiring work book of beautiful quality that will take you through to their 5th year. It has lots of space for you to add your thoughts, memories and photos, and sturdy plastic pockets for pictures and keep sakes. (Just read that last sentence back – how’s THAT for alliteration?!) Best of all – you’ll adore the illustrations. They’re simple, quirky and fun without being too cutesy. The text is adorable too:
“This book is all about ______________ which is me, although I’m getting a little help writing it!”
I can say with all honesty that I’m really happy I found this little gem and can’t wait to fill it in. I’ve already ordered another one for a pregnant friend (ooo – hope she doesn’t read this. Ah well – “SURPRISE!”)

My Best Book About Me by Terese Oman is available from Amazon. Click here.


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3 responses to “My Best Book About Me

  1. This looks just lovely! Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Gorgeous isn’t it? You’re welcome 🙂 x

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