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How Not to Give a Good-Night Kiss!

Good God, can NOTHING just happen like it’s supposed to in this house? It seems that even the simple act of a Good Night kiss has the uncanny knack of going tits-up. Grace had been tucked up in her cot-bed for about half an hour, when bang on cue (i.e the second I sit down with some tea to watch the soaps) over the monitor, the gibbling begins. Normally, she either chats away to imaginary people or sings herself a little song and can be left alone to settle herself to sleep. Not tonight: Continue reading


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Loving Home Needed

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Old MacDonald aint got nothing on Grace!

So I was showing off Gibby’s verbal skills to the family at my Mother-in-law’s  yesterday.

It went wrong. Continue reading


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Guilt, Stress, Tantrums.

There has been a definite shift of attitude in the Water Birth Please house hold of late, involving both Grace and myself. We are talking major tantrums – daily. Sometimes several times a day. Here’s the thing:

I am struggling to enjoy being a Mum at the moment.

 There I said it. Continue reading


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