Old MacDonald aint got nothing on Grace!

So I was showing off Gibby’s verbal skills to the family at my Mother-in-law’s  yesterday.

It went wrong.

Me: Grace what does a cow say?

Grace: Mooooooooo!

Me: and what does a Dog day?

Grace: Ruff ruff ruff!

***Everyone is making suitably appropriate noises of encouragement and praise***

Me: Yey! Well done! What does a sheep say?

Grace: Baaaaa.

Me: What does a Guinnea pig say? ***smug glance around the room to all***

Grace: Weep weep weep weeeeeeeeep.

Me: What does Daddy say?

Grace: Beep beep beep (Due to the fact Daddy often presses her nose with a “beep beep noise”.)

Me: Grace, what does Grandma say?

Grace: EEEE  –  OOOOOR!

***Long pause whilst tumble weed blows across the room . . . ***

Honest to God . . . . . why???

(Thank goodness Mum-in-law has a sense of humour.)


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4 responses to “Old MacDonald aint got nothing on Grace!

  1. Absolutely brilliant.

    A few years ago when we were having dinner with the outlaws, the wine had been flowing when Grandma was discussing various speech idiosyncracies from her grandchildren. She commented on how one granddaughter and the cute pet name she had for various family members. Somehow (might be due to the red wine I’d consumed) I pointed out that said granddaughter called the MiL ‘ga-ga’. Tumbleweed…

  2. They do say never work with children or animals 😊

  3. Hahaha! You can always rely on children to show you up 🙂

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