Loving Home Needed

 We rescued Winnie about 6 months ago. Sadly, things aren’t working out, so I’m putting this out there in the hope of finding her the right family.

 Anyone looking to give a home to our beautiful Winnie should be fully informed before making a decision:

  • Winnie is deaf. Because of this she is not to be let out like regular moggies. Deaf cats that get out are nearly always killed by traffic.
  • I’d be reluctant to have her homed with another cat, unless it could really hold it’s own.


Winnie has been very badly treated in the past. When the rescue shelter first got her, she was flea infested, starving, had an ear mite infestation, a terrible eye infection (that very nearly blinded her) and cat flu. The cat flu alone left her so poorly she needed a drip and an oxygen tent to survive. She had been kept in a house with several pit-bull/ bull terriers and as a result has really had to fight for what little food she got. This has left her extremely excitable when it comes to meal times and she will be into your plate at every opportunity! The shelter was finding it hard to home Winnie because, a) she’s black. Black cats are the hardest to re-home for some reason. b) She is deaf, and this put people off.

Here are the things that are challenging about having Winnie. (We want to paint a very clear picture to maximise the chances of finding a forever home.)

  • She can get under your feet because she can’t always hear you coming.
  • She pounces out at you which can make you jump (think Kato from the Pink Panther films)
  • Being an indoor cat, her claws need regular trimming.
  • Climbs curtains.

Now here are her more endearing qualities:

  • She’s teeny tiny and won’t grow any bigger, so very cute (she’s nearly 2 years old now – we thought she was a kitten when we first saw her.)
  • The pouncing and wrestling is meant playfully, not aggressively.
  • She is SO playful. Easily entertained.
  • No problems with our 2 large dogs.
  • She’s been great with my 2 year old daughter, Grace, who in turn adores her and calls her “Winnie Woo.” I am devastated at the thought of parting them as they have such a lovely relationship. Winnie sometimes decides to chase my daughter’s feet which has caused the odd little scratch (which has never bothered Grace much), but she has never scratched in anger or even hissed. She is very tolerant of Grace pulling her about, but will try to bat her off if she’s had enough. They will both play with Grace’s toys happily together.
  • Winnie is not a fussy eater and has no special dietry requirements.
  • She is litter trained.
  • She is now in good health.
  • The furniture has not been deliberately scratched.
  • A definite lap-cat, Winnie is extremely affectionate and loving. She likes to wrap around the back of your neck and be worn like a scarf. She loves cuddles and especially likes curling up on your chest and feeling the vibrations when you talk to her.

The sole reason we have to think about re-homing her is the fact that she will not leave my other, older cat alone. At every opportunity she pounces at her and chases her. Although I am not convinced that it’s meant aggressively, my older cat finds it extremely distressing, and now will no longer venture downstairs (also – older cat is a Ragdoll – a very passive breed that won’t defend themselves.)  I have tried everything I have been advised by both vets and animal behaviour experts and nothing has worked. I am so, so upset about this, but I think I have to admit defeat and be fair to my other cat who’s been with me for years.

Things to know about a deaf cat:

  • Use a water spray to discourage undesired behaviour. A stamp on the floor nearby can also discourage any naughtiness.
  • Try not to startle them. A cat can usually hear you coming a mile off, but waking a deaf cat should be done gently.
  • Always try to come at them face on when you need to pick them up so they can see you coming.
  • They are not to be let outside unless secure and supervised.

If you think you could give Winnie a loving home, then please get in touch.  She’s curled up on my legs as I write this and I’m getting upset – so help if you can, spread the word around Bolton and the North West, and serious offers only please. She is innoculated and micro-chipped.


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15 responses to “Loving Home Needed

  1. That’s quite a sad story for the cat. In some respects she sounds like a kitten in an older cat’s body.

  2. Awww bless her. I’m so sorry you have to re-home her Minty 😦 My best friend loves cats but unfortunately she has two already so it won’t work. I’ll tweet your post in the hope the lovely Winnie finds a home (I live near Chester). Our old dog Betty who passed away in November was a rescue dog and despite being a bit of a nutter and a handful she was just brilliant too!

    Big hugs xx

  3. Hope you find a new home for her, she sounds lovely! Have spread the word via Twitter (would have her myself but we already have 3 cats haha!) x

  4. Sam

    just sat and laughed and cried at your blogs, this is lovely minty, and motherhood does get easier, just ask my mum, and if your ever in on your own, and at your wit’s end just give us a knock and we’ll gladly come round for a brew and share the tears and laughter with you =] (p.s is sam from next door!!) xxxxx

  5. Ashley

    i was so sad reading your article. i have 3 cats myself. one of which is tiny the others are her kittens which are only 2 year old and twice her size. reading your story winne sounds like a perfect mix of my cats misty the mother and ziggy her kitten. misty is a rescue cat and never leaves the house she’s terrified of outside. loves just cuddleing constantly and ziggy always pouncing on her and chasing everything off table tops. she never hisses just plays along or ignores ziggy. its a real shame winne was left in such a state i know she’ll find a wonderful home in no time. I’d love to give her one if she could have been mixed with others or i didn’t already have these 3. its clear how much she means to you and I’m sorry you have to give her up x

  6. helen gent

    I wish I could take her as I already have 2 indoor siamese cats that like being with other cats, but I’m just not sure I could afford another cat. I wish you find a good home for her and will re-post if I can.
    Best of luck, helen x

  7. where are you located? in Europe:? I am dense when I read these things to figure out exactly you are? I may have someone.

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