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The Horrible Home for Naughty Girls . . .

I should’ve known from the high-heeled trainers and inch thick make-up that this particular lady and I weren’t going to have a whole heap in common – least of all parenting skills. Life’s funny like that isn’t it? Just as you’re doubting your ability as a parent, some f**kwit Mum throws in her two penneth of moronic advice and makes you feel like Parent of the year. Continue reading


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The Great Sibling Debate.

I realise that by writing this blog post, I am leaving myself open to criticism, and very deeply felt opinions, but  I really REALLY feel the need to write it. I’ve been thinking about one thing and one thing only for months now on and off, but it’s now to the point where I think about little else:

Should we have another child? Continue reading


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I’ve always been a bit of a fan of NLP (get ME using the lingo there! For those that don’t know, it stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.) It fascinates me.  Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mum,

I’ve realised today that I’ve been ignoring Mother’s day. Turning a blind eye to it: pretending it isn’t there. You see, although I am a Mum, I miss having one. Continue reading


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